Worst Gifts for your Girlfriend

Forgetting your anniversary or your girlfriend’s birthday is the worst thing you can do on that special day. Grabbing one of these last minute disastrous items for her comes next in the list of worst gifts.

Standing in the middle of a showroom packed with ladies can be stressful specially when you have no clue what you are looking for and everything you eye gets snatched away by some awestruck lady followed by an earsplitting “OMG! That’s exactly what I was looking for!” In those nerve-racking moments you may be tempted to seize the worst gifts in your range and get the hell out of there. Do that and you can happily go back to being single. Read on to know what not to give your girl.

1. Weird looking Shoes:

These shoes although exceedingly artistic and creative are not what your girlfriend will wear unless she has totally lost her mind.

Banana shoes

Banana Slip on

Those banana shoes look like… well… bananas that can be worn only in plays which demand a fruity version of Tarzan.

Ponytail heels

Blond Ambition

Blonde ambition is definitely going a little over the top with this pair. The ponytail heels give a refreshing break from stilettos in the sense that they make balancing on them impossible.

Lounge Shoes

Tulip. Lounge Shoes

Coffee Splitting

Coffee? Porcelian Version

Slide Shoe


Think again before asking your girlfriend to blend in. She just cannot walk into a lounge wearing a pair of these lounge shoes, or enter a café in these coffee spilling porcelain inspired shoes or take a walk in a children s’ park in those slide shoes.

Mother Daughter Shoes

Mother and Daughter

These mother daughter shoes can look cute only if your girlfriend is Lady Gaga who can pull off anything and everything, and still make her way to the cover page of some fashion magazine.

Pet shoes


When your girlfriend says she loves dogs or birds she means actual pets and not shoe versions of it.

Leg shoes


Giving her a pair of sexy leg shoes can only mean one thing – her legs aren’t good enough. Giving her fake legs will only make it worse.

2. Eye Wear doing much more than just protecting your eyes:

Gold chain sun glasses

Gold chain sun glasses

Even if those chains were made of real gold it doesn’t change the fact that you actually need to see through them. Incorporating an automatic curtain raiser might do the trick but it is simply not an option here. The only advantage – these will make it impossible for her to scan the zone for ‘better gifting’ men.

 Lace Sunglasses

Lace Sunglasses

If gold curtains are included in worst gifts and can make you earn slaps, wonder what lace covered glasses will do. Get you thrown out probably (Well that may not

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be true if you own the place but you get the hint).

Wooden aviator

iWooden Aviator Sunglasses

Saving the planet while shielding your eyes with iwood-aviator-sunglasses/” target=”_blank”>wooden aviators? Very thoughtful indeed but hoping to start off a revolutionary trend wearing something like that might be too optimistic.

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Pearl Sunglasses

Pearl Sunglasses

Pearl studded glasses are undoubtedly expensive. But there are less embarrassing ways of flaunting them. For instance try putting those pearls together in the form of a chain and you can come up with a saner concept called necklace that will not be dragged into the list of worst gifts.

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Lego set sunglasses

Lego inspired sunglasses

Alright she might have casually mentioned that she would love to relive her childhood days but she was definitely not expecting you to come up with these whimsical lego pair of shades.

Bluetooth Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Store Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bluetooth and mp3 player are some of the coolest additions that can be made to a pair of sunglasses. However logic says there is only one reason why they aren’t popular- they are downright ugly and make you look like robots out of some cheap sci-fi movie.

Spy sunglasses

Spy sunglasses

This one is my favorite. Mp3 players are still manageable but buying her sun glasses with spy cameras? Haven’t they got their spies everywhere in the form of cute looking teeth flashing creatures they branded as girlfriends? Signing a death warrant with your own hands would seem less torturing. Its not just the worst gift; its practically the end of what you blissfully call a relationship.

3. Watches you would never wear:

Girly watch

Very Girly Watch..

Whimsical Blue Watch

Whimsical blue Watch with light blue leather

Watch is the last place she needs to build her doll house in. Forget worst gifts. If your girl still has a doll house in her wish list there is only one advice for you – run while you still can. That is not a zone any guy can handle!

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Red Watch

Red watch with shiny boader

Cute Pink Watch

Mother-Of-Pearl Dial Watch Cute Pink Watch

Watches looking like that make me wonder why out of all the possible color combinations red and pink are proudly labeled cute.

Pink Watch

Pink Watch with Pink Pearl

Green butterfly watch

Cat Nap Green Leather Watch

Last time I checked, ‘stupid’ was definitely not the synonym for ‘girly’. If you picked a watch for her with bows , hearts and butterflies , it will make your girlfriend look exactly like who she is going out with – ‘dumb’!

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Tip: If you are bad at ending relationships on a friendly note and really want to get rid of her without being too obvious, buy her the worst gifts that are mentioned above and watch your world fall right into place.

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  1. Santoshi says:

    With such weirdo gifts….life becomes sooooo easy! You dont have to think about the choice of words….just a weird choice of gift…will say it all!!!!