Outfit Parings- Capes and Kimonos

Are you getting tanned? How many different sunscreens did you try this summer? Started with SPF 20? No bunk it! It doesn’t work. SPF 30 is better but doesn’t really pays

off well.
A shortcut way to prevent sunburn and an instant way to look chic is to put on cover ups. Capes and kimonos are too perfect for layering over your favorite tank tops and beach wear. These layering garments not only protect you from sunburn, it also serves as a cover for the extra weight on the arms and the doughnut right above your waist.
These cover ups are a great alternative to summer cardigans making it so perfect for unsure weather and an exciting adventure.
EastGrad Fashion-Words or wisdom: The supper heroes of the Season: Cape and Kimonos

Tank Top:
Stick with basic and single colour tank top. Tank tops with

a slight low neck look neat and don’t mess up while laying.

Avoid printed tank tops, if you are opting for vibrant colour or printed cape/kimonos.

Bottom Wear:
If you are more conscious of getting your feet tanned, play right with your full tapered trousers, otherwise comfy shorts are always easy to throw on and easy to carry.

Red Alert:
Avoid loose parallel pants unless there is something really exciting. Else no doubt, it would look no less than borrowed clothes.

Adding a pair of classic pumps, be it heels or flats adds up to the total glam. Depending upon the type of your bottom wear you can either go for sneakers, sandals or slippers. Freedom is all yours.
(Sneak a peek on the collages in case of any confusions *_*)

Red Alert:
If you have a long day to go ahead and have an option of counting in flats, better do so. Otherwise high heels will only let you strut in style while keeping you trendy yet not so comfy.

Add ons:
To finish your look, reach for subtle jewels that have a little personality and flaunt your sexy sling enough to make your most fashionable friend grin with approval.

Want to try something like this? Let me make some pairings for you.

EastGrad Fashion-Words or wisdom: The supper heroes of the Season: Cape and Kimonos

EastGrad Fashion-Words or wisdom: The supper heroes of the Season: Cape and Kimonos

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