Traditional Tunics: That’s what they are calling the local Kurtas

My boyfriend has always seen me in boring college jeans and tees. So I decided to surprise him by adding the desi spice to my daily look with this traditional tunic (which is borrowed from a friend, by the way). And trust me girls, I got compliments and lingering gazes from him all throughout the date. Well the trick is- just break your conventional way of dressing and give him a break!

Traditional kurta can be worn in different styles.

Traditional kurta can be worn in different styles.

1. Kurtas / traditional tunics:

Dresses don’t suit my personality and skirts don’t match my body type. I can’t even manage salwars as they involve managing a long piece of cloth (dupatta) in a dainty manner. In short, I feel these traditional tunics are fashion boons for people like me who desperately need a break from their regular jeans.

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These kurtas are available in different styles to suit your body type and purpose. Try out a few varieties that are almost universally flattering.

Long and flared from a fitted bust with embellished artwork- for special occasions (you’ll need a dupatta with this one, but I don’t hate it because the dupatta is easier to mange as it is thrown over the neck and not the shoulders. Plus no pins involved)

Short tunics with smart collars or neck work– as a workday outfit (they come in bright colors and go with white pair of leggings. Just make sure it is tailored to your size.)

Medium length with low key prints or embroidery- for dates or casual day-outs

Knee length traditional salwar worn in trendy style without the dupatta

Knee length traditional salwar worn in trendy style without the dupatta


Save your pocket money by preserving the sleeves. Go sleeveless during hot summers and ask your tailor to stitch them back as you near winter.

Avoid wearing tunics that are too short if you are wide at the center. Pick light and slightly longer tunics instead that will glide over your curves camouflaging your flaws (like the one I am featuring).

2. Bottom wear:

The most popular choice with these traditional tunics is leggings. They are universally fitting and are available in a wide range of colors so you practically have no problem matching them with your outfit.


Pocket money saving tip 2: It is always handy to buy a black and a white pair of leggings because they are guaranteed to go with more than just one of your tunics.

Be careful while you buy your leggings, it is always better to invest with caution especially if legs are not your best assets. It that case, you should go for heavier and rigid material that does not stretch too much over your skin.

Traditonal tunics with legggings to give a smart and trendy look.

Traditonal tunics with legggings to give a smart and trendy look.

3. Add ons:

Since I wore a heavily printed tunic during the day, I did not bother accessorizing it. You should always accessorize according to the occasion. If the tunic is too loud and sparkly, keep the accessories minimal or you might just end up looking overdressed. If the outfit is plain and simple, you can add interesting coloured bangles or a quirky neck piece to get a funky look.

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I have seen people pairing dull looking traditional tunics with daily jeans. It is common but this ultra casual look fails to make its way up the trend list. Why not just go for a trendy top if you’re so in love with your jeans? Black skinny jeans can still be confused with black leggings but those blue ones are definitely incompatible with bright traditional tunics.

Keep yourself far away from looking passé, revamp your everyday wardrobe hassle into a pleasurable ritual and watch yourself being transformed into the everyday fashionista by incorporating one or two of the suggested outfits in your list. Do leave your comments and help us familiarize with your perspective.

Where to get this?
Get traditional kurta and tunics from  Your designer wear, Ethnic wear of India, Utsav fashion, Sahiba.

Photographed By: Pramit Chakraborty
Model: Monalisa Nandi

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