Traditional outfits for Indian day weddings

Indian weddings are all about noise, food, fun and most importantly beautiful young ladies dresses in their best traditional outfits. And if you are the best friend you need to do it all, starting from the exhausting shopping sessions with the bride to her final make-up touches. After you are done playing your part it’s time for you let your hair down and indulge in fun.

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Reserve your shimmery outfits for the evenings and get the perfect daytime look with the right attire that lets you enjoy the day with out any hassle and leaves you looking absolutely gorgeous at all times.

Traditional Indian wear

Traditional Indian wear

1. Long Skirt:

A long skirt flaring out dramatically from the waist is exactly what suits the wedding spirit. Experiment with bright colors and embroidered details for the full impact. To ensure that the prints do not look tacky or over embellished, you can either get your outfits from popular boutiques or brands that specifically deal in Indian traditional wear.


There are several varieties depending in the amount of flare you want in your outfit. Those who wish to highlight their curves can go for options like skirts that have a fitted form and flare out from the knee.

2. Top wear:

Lehenga cholis and other ready made traditional attires are very common in weddings so in order to stand out you can get creative here and add the element of indo-western fusion in your outfit. Pair up your bright skirt with a black top that has a traditional detailing at the neckline but not on the entire body. It adds the modern chic factor to your traditional outfit which doesn’t blend in with the rest of the crowd.


Make the top and bottom wear totally contrasting. For instance balance out your billowy skirt with a fitted top.

If the top has prints and ethnic embroidery keep the skirt simple and vice versa.

Same goes for the color, a bright skirt needs to be paired up with a basic colored top or the other way round. Two flashy colors in the same outfit is way out of fashion.

Long flared skirt with a tight fitting Kurti, colorful bangles, small beads necklace and earrings.

Long flared skirt with a tight fitting Kurti, colorful bangles, small beads necklace and earrings.

3. Accessories:

Do accessorize your outfit either matching them with your skirt or mixing a few colors together. Put on traditional ornaments / accessories like earrings, finger rings, bangles/bracelets, necklace and sandals to go with your attire.

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Where do I get this from?


If you have a long shirt that looks amazing but is too plain for a wedding occasion, you can easily have your tailor transform it by adding a bright borders and embellishments which are available in any shop containing Indian accessories. These shops even help you custom design your accessories to match your outfit.

Keep yourself far away from looking passé, revamp your everyday wardrobe hassle into a pleasurable ritual and watch yourself being transformed into the everyday fashionista by incorporating one or two of the suggested outfits in your list. Do leave your comments and help us familiarize with your perspective.

Where to get this?

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Photographed By: Pramit Chakraborty
Model: Akansha Jhaker

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