The Real Weekend Feeling

What a week it was! I remember doing just a few things which mostly include going to office and then coming back home. Now I can feel the real importance of weekends. I have a tremendous amount of work to be done over the weekends, so much that its difficult to scribble them in my ‘To do list’. Making designs, textile and texture research, contact people for the material, the list is endless. My greatest fear is that these preparations will never come to an end.

A few hours back I visited the boutique where I have given my designs for stitching. Happy to tell you that a few of the designs are ready and some are well on progress. I will be uploading them soon.




This is what I wore today; a very light cotton check shirt, my all time favourite jeans and yes, my converse out when you know your legs need some exercise :P

What I wore?

    • Cotton check shirt from FreeLook, Gangtok.
    • Jeans from Levis
    • Footwear from Converse.
    • Tank top from Jockey

Have a happy weekend.

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5 Responses to The Real Weekend Feeling

  1. Sayan Mitra says:

    Great snaps Deepa…. :)
    As usual looking like a million dollars…. and of course great photography…. hats off to the photographer :)

  2. Soumi says:

    I’m such a fan of the shirt and the sling! Super cosy!

  3. Yuvastyle says:

    Awesome pics.You are looking great in this shirt and jeans.

  4. Mira says:

    You look totally gorgeous. Love the shirt and converse sneakers . Looking forward to your new outfit post :-)


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