The BIG Anniversary Surprise!

We are on a secret mission. A mission so secret that even we do not know how it will turn out. A secret so explosive that you are not going believe it.


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what is the secret? Get prepared for the surprise then. Well, me and Deepa are opening an online store on the 1st anniversary of this blog! And there it is. A store!

Still don’t believe it? I know its quite sudden but the fact is we have been planning this for a really long time, and we think this is the perfect time to go ahead with our plans. The budget has been fixed, the materials have been bought, the dresses are getting made, the tags are getting printed, the whole shebang has started for real. Yay!

Deepa is really busy in all of this apart from her regular office work, after all the designs are all her’s, but she will continue to posts articles on the blog at regular intervals. Below you can find some snap-shots clicked by Deepa of some of the clothing materials that have been procured for designing dresses for the store.

Aren't they pretty?

Materials for dresses for the exclusive EastGrad Fashion Store.

Very soon we will have something more to show to you guys. But till then sayonara!

And yes, keep the congratulations flowing! On a more frank note, do you guys really think we can pull this thing off?

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5 Responses to The BIG Anniversary Surprise!

  1. debya says:

    yes u guys can!!!dats a brillant idea

  2. Soumi says:

    Yes,yes,yes,it’s SO gonna be a hit! My blessings are always with you kiddos,you know that. Can’t wait to see your collection here!

  3. debiparna says:

    i can’t wait!!!and keep us poor people in mind when fixing the prices :P

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