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Vacation Wear: Reliving pages from your Honeymoon Diary

Let the moments from your flashback bounce back to life as you plan your vacation trip with the same zest that drove your honeymoon spree. With a few tips you can bring the blush back to her cheeks as effortlessly … Continue reading

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Casually Classy- Keep it trendy with a hint of sophistication

Casual doesn’t always mean flinging a bag on your shoulder and parading in tattered jeans. Brush up your regular outfit with a tint of sophistication in the featured casual yet classy ensemble. Let them know you always do it your … Continue reading

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Tee for Transformation: DIY T-Shirt Tips

My ex-room-mate (Raisa) has the following traits: A) She is highly creative B) She is in love with her pair of scissors and C) She has more number of t-shirts than you can ever imagine. So naturally she would just … Continue reading

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Trendy in a casual T-shirt

Since when have you been wearing a t-shirt? Forever, right? The reason behind it is obvious. They don’t need dressing up, at least not on casual days. You probably throw them on them without even knowing that they have emerged … Continue reading

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Casual Day Wear: Buddies’ day out!

In case you are wondering, let me tell you this article is about my friends (and, for the millionth time, they are not a couple). Since the blog is growing we get pictures from people sharing their personal fashion experiences. … Continue reading

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