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Tee for Transformation: DIY T-Shirt Tips

My ex-room-mate (Raisa) has the following traits: A) She is highly creative B) She is in love with her pair of scissors and C) She has more number of t-shirts than you can ever imagine. So naturally she would just … Continue reading

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Casual Day Wear: Buddies’ day out!

In case you are wondering, let me tell you this article is about my friends (and, for the millionth time, they are not a couple). Since the blog is growing we get pictures from people sharing their personal fashion experiences. … Continue reading

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Campus Casual : Mix, Match and Recycle your basic tees!

Being popular in the campus isn’t much of a challenge if you have the right attitude and the right outfit that lends you an air of approachability without making you look too sloppy. Tired of your regular t-shirt? Throw on … Continue reading

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Weekend gears: Men will be Men

Men hate shopping unlike women. Naturally their wardrobe consists of versatile fashion staples that can hurl them right from the classroom seats to the centre of the dance floor in a night club. Not that you need it after years … Continue reading

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Jogging Outfit – Workout gears to boost you up!

The one solid excuse you give yourself every time you postpone your gym or jogging session is that you don’t have the right outfit. Well, no more excuses for you because we can give you where is the best place … Continue reading

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