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Another Photogenic Birthday

Once again we celebrate someone’s birthday. Someone who has contributed handsomely to this blog. It’s the birthday of one of a cute, decent and a very polite guy I have ever met. And among all of his qualities, he has … Continue reading

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Zara’s Latest!

Its September, but the weather in Soreng is freezing. It rains almost the whole day and all I can do is cover myself up with blankets and surf the world wide web the whole day. I was going through some … Continue reading

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My College Memories…

Be warned that this article is not on fashion and fashion tips. It is dedicated to all my college friends. There is nothing more lyrical in life than college days. It’s a time of self-discovery, learning, making friends, planning for … Continue reading

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Casuals boasting Confidence

The past few weeks felt like a movie being fast forwarded inside my head- right after project presentation I had to pack my luggage and come to Kolkata for my training. One hectic week in the office followed by a … Continue reading

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Campus Casual : Mix, Match and Recycle your basic tees!

Being popular in the campus isn’t much of a challenge if you have the right attitude and the right outfit that lends you an air of approachability without making you look too sloppy. Tired of your regular t-shirt? Throw on … Continue reading

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