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Weekend gears: Men will be Men

Men hate shopping unlike women. Naturally their wardrobe consists of versatile fashion staples that can hurl them right from the classroom seats to the centre of the dance floor in a night club. Not that you need it after years … Continue reading

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DIY Fashion Trends Living the Day

Bored of living your life by the book? Believe it or not dressing like someone else for a day, going to places you have never visited before and trying out a different dish from the menu can actually make you … Continue reading

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Casual wear for Men

These photographs were taken on our first photo shoot that was organized in our college campus when people had not even heard about our blog. Naturally everyone came in casuals and we had no clue about what to do with … Continue reading

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Step out in style: Spring Fashion for Men

Men love spring. Why? Because the ladies’ skirts are finally getting shorter and now it’s time to equip yourself with some fun style and a load of sophistication. Sounds cool, but one innocent mistake and you’ll be tumbling down the … Continue reading

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Tee for Transformation: DIY T-Shirt Tips

My ex-room-mate (Raisa) has the following traits: A) She is highly creative B) She is in love with her pair of scissors and C) She has more number of t-shirts than you can ever imagine. So naturally she would just … Continue reading

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