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DIY Fashion Trends Living the Day

Bored of living your life by the book? Believe it or not dressing like someone else for a day, going to places you have never visited before and trying out a different dish from the menu can actually make you … Continue reading

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Hot Shorts: Casual day wear

As the temperatures sky-rocket, that’s your cue to try out this summer’s coolest wardrobe options. Try out something fresh and casual, like a pair of hot shorts teamed up with a cool shirt, while sticking to simple accessories to keep … Continue reading

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Evening Wear – It’s all about looking Gorgeous

Striking the casual note not enough for your weekend evenings? For cocktails, date nights or trip to weekend clubs, balance out your satin top, high heels and sparkly hand clutch with a dark denim to avoid looking overdone. 1.Top Need … Continue reading

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Jogging Outfit – Workout gears to boost you up!

The one solid excuse you give yourself every time you postpone your gym or jogging session is that you don’t have the right outfit. Well, no more excuses for you because we can give you where is the best place … Continue reading

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Casual Dress – Dresses don’t always have to be Dressy

Drowned in the ocean of jeans and t-shirts? If that’s a yes, you unquestionably need a break from your regular garbs. In case you still believe dresses are only for special occasions, it is time to get your facts right. … Continue reading

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