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Hi everyone, how is your week going by? I hope its good. By the way, today is the last day of Jan 2013 (yippie my salary day! ). But it does feel like January went by a little too fast. And yes, how about your new year resolution? Are you sticking to it?

Last night I was rummaging through my college albums while organizing my hard disk when I stumbled across some old photos. I almost fell for myself when I saw the cheerful side of me. For a moment, I re-lived my fun fledged college days. (I am missing them so much now :( ).

I just have a vague idea about when and where these photographs were taken.

Summer Monochrome

This is when I was on my way to the college canteen during my 2nd year. My friend was firing

off a shot at every step and I was doing my best to allude his sights, well after I realized he was clicking my photographs. Dumb me… :-P
What I wore?

  • White top from Style check, Gangtok.
  • Black Jeans from Lee.
  • Shoes from Adidas.
  • Watch from Titan Raga


This was clicked when my friend was busy playing with his new Nikon D90, brand new at that time.
What I wore?

  • Top from Zipper, Gangtok.
  • Jeans from Levis.
  • Pumps: BK Market, Kolkata.

Cool Pink and White in the Winters

On an unplanned picnic with some of my friends.
What I wore?

    • Purple Sweater gifted.
    • Jeans from Levis.
    • Scarf Knitted by Me
    • Shoes from Adidas.

Polka Dots and the Sun

Another Polka-dotted memory from my sunshine filled college. Oh the weather!
What I wore?

  • Polka-Dot Top from BK Market, Kolkata.
  • Black Jeans from Lee.
  • Shoes Adidas.
  • Bag from UK (a gift from my sister).

College memories are really sweet, aren’t they? Please feel free to share your crazy memories if you have any. I would love to listen to them…
Stay stylish, be safe and please leave your comments below. I love reading them :).

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2 Responses to Sun, College, Fashion, Fun

  1. Melissa says:

    Hey thanks for the comment! I love getting new comments! I like your blog too, you have great style, love the pictures! :)

  2. yes u look so cheerful,and refreshing in ur pics ! Thanks so much for ur comments,and ur suggestion to incorporate posts featuring my daughter.I have been looking around those grounds,and lot of my readers want the same too. Hopefully soon !! Great that the bloganniversary approaches soon for both of us !!! I’ll definitely keep in mind to congratulate u !! U have a great blog here,keep it up girl ! Stay in touch xoxo…

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