Spring wear

We had a spring photo shoot in our college where almost every guy turned up clad in more or less the same type of t-shirt and jeans. I don’t blame them. I personally feel boys have lesser options when it comes to dressing up as compared to girls and the one big deciding element of their outfit is the tiny brand logo on it. Yes, that little logo makes a huge difference.

I viagra dose mg missed his photo shoot because I was sildenafil dogs pulmonary hypertension busy running around the female models carrying their bags and umbrellas. However I could tell from the huge number of photos that were taken of him (mostly excitedly beaming ones) that he was definitely having if cialis and viagra dont work a good time posing viagra in canada over the counter for our photographer.

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

1. Sweater:

What I love about this sweater is basically the brand and the colour of the sweater. Though I am not a big fan of v-necks for guys but he definitely knows what looks good on him. The colour goes well with his complexion and v-neck gives his neck a longer illusion.

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

2. Pants:

It’s such a relief to see guys wearing trem pants that suit them. The slim fitted trem pants look way better than those baggy ones on anyone with an average height.

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

3. cialis liver Shoes:

Their comes the brand again. Your shoes say a lot about you specially when you think no one is looking at them. Now since guys don’t have a zillion options in that department like women, I suggest you should play safe by going for big brands. Chances of picking a hideous pair in that case are practically nil, unless of course you have zero fashion sense.

Photographed By: Satyam Rai
Model: Rikpo Vendi Lepcha

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