Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata Day 2

It all began when Animesh told me we had received an invitation to attend the most awaited Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata. All they wanted us to do was attend the event and express our views regarding it. Just took a few email exchanges made within hours and it was all done. Now that the reality had finally sunk in we had to prepare ourselves for the magnificent experience.

After five gigantic cups of cappuccino, fingers typing all the possible related keywords on Google and a long sleepless night I managed to get all I could about the Signature Premier Kolkata Fashion Week. The Indian fashion industry has just taken its leap of faith by going for the eclectic theme Eco-Fashion with the objective of promoting the weavers of Bengal. What could provide a better platform to showcase this bold line of fashion than Signature Premier believing in “Fashion. For the bold, by the Bold”. The Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata, initiated by Genesis Square, started from 14th of September and will continue till the 17th of September 2012.

The fashion week was held at the Park hotel in Kolkata where the guest list also included upcoming fashion bloggers from the city. EastGrad Fashion was invited to cover all the shows. Animesh and I were all set for the joy ride fantasizing ourselves among the glamorous models and famous designers when the Kolkata rain slapped us hard on our faces.

It was a nasty rainy day and I was cat hopping in my high heels while my friend hugged his camera and rushed to the hotel where there was another surprise awaiting us. The organizer who had invited us had forgotten our “All Access” passes at home. I could almost hear my heart cracking. But that soon quick-fixed itself and brought a million dollar smile on my face when he handed us the VVIP passes instead that had front row seats for all the shows. Loved the hospitality!

We attended Day 2 which kick started with Varchasv by Ankit Mehta and Dori by Pallavii Mahindraa unveiling a unique combination of vibrant colours and traditional designs tastefully combined with Western designs to give it a more wearable look. But that wasn’t the first thing I noticed as soon as the lights came alive and music started. My first reaction was “Man! (or woman) Aren’t they are tall!”. Yes I am talking about the gorgeous ladies who cat-walked their way on the ramp and complimented those extraordinary attires. Everything starting from their hair, make up, accessories topped up with just the right amount of attitude said it all.

Following up we had Gen Next presenting the collection by Soham Chakraborty which was based on outfits designed for the masses. Keerti Rathod, on the other hand, based her work on men’s designer outfits highlighting the use of vibrant colours to bring out the audacious side of men who believe in standing out rather fitting in.

Next we had Farheen B. Rahman whose collection was presented in a very unique way where models seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, smiling and swaying to the desi beats. In short, a very entertaining show with equally amazing outfits.

Tejas Gandhi had done something unique by working on international designs, mostly French with classic use of Indian textiles and textures to give it a very classy look. By that time we had received our all access pass (with Monalisa in bold letters and a ‘say cheese’ pic!) and bounced off to Tantra where we had a chance to interview the designer about his collection and also meet other fellow bloggers.


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we headed back to the ramp where we witnessed Agnimitra Paul’s collection based on the Madhubani art form practiced in Bihar. I must say basing her entire collection on such a confined concept, she did put a stamp on “Fashion. For the bold, by the Bold”. Models chewing paan, teasing their braids and desi thumkas in sync with the popular tracks like “Womaniya” created a fun filled ambience tossing us to a festive mood with celeb show stoppers playing football and sipping bhaang. But at soon as the clock struck 9pm and I knew I had to catch my last metro and I fled from the scene like Cinderella with prince Animesh by my side hence missing the last show by Monapali which I later heard was high on jewellery.

We shall be posting the individual articles about the designers along with the photographs soon. This was just a trailer. Stay tuned for the real review with all the details and the hush talks.

Till then you can enjoy these preview photographs from the show:

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion WeekKolkata Fashion WeekKolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion WeekKolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

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  1. awsm designs….fab… come on with ur great bright colours….

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