Casual Wear for Men

Set out for a customary meeting with your girl? She has probably always seen you clad in the same old tees and jeans. Well let me tell you a secret- Girls go gaga over boys in smart shirts. It’s just another one of those little things that can make a huge difference. Throw on a shirt that stretches over your biceps; reveal just enough of that chest and let the tantalizing smell of your cologne do the work for you.

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Blue denim shirt, belt and jeans and heavy metal wrist watch.

Blue denim shirt, belt and jeans and heavy metal wrist watch.

1. Shirt:

Picking the right shirt can be tricky business. So take your time while picking the right shade and size. The contrast between your shirt and skin tone breaks up an otherwise monotonous look and catches the eye.

Colours: Dark colours come in really handy in the following cases.

a) Dark coloured denim shirt can be worn when you haven’t had enough time to smooth out the creases, you need to camouflage your beer belly or you aren’t sure when you last took it for laundry

b) Light colours keep your look cool and breezy. They give you the ultra casual look when paired with your jeans and look equally formal if worn with pants so keep the occasion in mind before blindly picking a shade.

c) Pick shirts based on your skin tone and match it with your eye colour when possible.

Pale skin tone: Go for light blue, brown, beige, off-white, bold blue
Avoid red, pink, orange, yellow and purple.
Medium skin tone: Go for beige, burgundy, royal blue, navy, black and pink (stripes).
Avoid pistachio, mauve, dark brown, red and olive.
Dark skin tone: Go for white, khaki, baby blue and gray.
Avoid black, dark brown, turquoise, spring green and magenta.


On casual days while you are planning to let your shirt hang out instead of tucking it in, make sure it doesn’t hang too low.

If you are on a limited budget, pick versatile shirts in solid colours instead of going for odd shades and patterns. They are easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Pick the right size. Your shirt shouldn’t feel like its about to rip off your back while you’re stretching in them.

Denim shirt, black denim jeans paired with a pair of converse for casual wear.

Denim shirt, black denim jeans paired with a pair of converse for casual wear.

2. Jeans:

Jeans are your safest bet if you are in a hurry and have no time to press your pants. You need to work on keeping your outfit casual if you are pairing it up with your daily jeans. What you can do is leave a few buttons of your shirt loose or wear it with a white under-shirt and leave it unbuttoned all the way down to give yourself a more laid back look.


If you’re teaming up your shirt with a pair of jeans make sure they don’t look too frayed. Avoid super baggy jeans, tattered jeans or funky cialishowtobuy acid washes. Stick to neat denims and keep it simple for a cool daily wear.

3. Footwear:

Since your overall look is inclined towards casual you don’t really need to fuss about your shoes. Wear your comfortable sneakers or your daily footwear taking care not to debase your outfit.

Where to get this?

You can get Denim shirt from, Lee, Burberry or Levi’s.
Have a look on, Levi’s for jeans pants.
Pick up shoes from Converse.

Photographed By: Satyam Rai
Model: Stephen Ghimiray

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