Semi Formal Look – Walk in Style, Authority and Comfort

Discussing a business deal with your client over lunch? Showing up in your sad oversize shirt, chunky square-toe-shoes and shapeless pants may not be a deal maker for you. Here is all you need starting from a great semi formal outfit to the mix-match wardrobe tips to navigate the workday in style and authority.

Business casuals or day wedding

Semi formal, business casuals or day wedding.

1. Jackets and blazers:

A freshly tailored jacket that gives your torso some shape or a smartly cut walmart drug prices cialis blazer that does all the work for you fits the semi formal profile. Put it on, and even if your shirt isn’t perfectly pressed or your pants fit just a little funny, the jacket does the talking. Keep it trim and cool with slim sleeves that reveal just a bit of shirt cuff.

2. Shirt:

Going without a jacket is tricky. Get a herbal viagra is it safe fitted shirt so you don’t have blousy spillover. Make sure the sleeves hit at your wrists—no farther. If it’s hot outside go for shorter sleeves. You can pull off the look easily with a little confidence.

3. Pants:

Slim-cut pants give sildenafil boots you a leaner silhouette no matter your size. Keep it casual yet stylish by coming up with interesting combinations, like generic sildenafil citrate a slim cargo pant with a navy blazer before you pair it with a shirt and tie if you have a meeting, or with a polo if you have a more casual event to go to.

Semi-formal wear for men.

Semi-formal, business casual wear for men.


Do not wear baggy, pleated pants unless you want to add about ten years and fifteen pounds.

4. Shoes:

To elevate your semi formal look from head to toe you need to pick the right shoes. Slide on a pair of brown polished loafers, chocolate brown shoes or ankle boots to anchor your outfit with an easy sophistication.


The wrong canadian cialis socks can totally slaughter your shoes. If you do not synchronize your socks color with the rest of your outfit and decide to go creative with them you might just end up looking like the guy wearing loud socks.

5. Add ons :

Epitomize a laid back luxury to your semi formal attire with the essential gears that include your pair of shades, the updated office belt, a streamlined briefcase and a watch that is somewhere between dressy and casual.

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