Say No To Waxing II

The first time I used an epilator it was my elder sister’s. She had a Philips HP6400 model. Never before had it this easy getting ready of

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all your unwanted hair, and before I knew I was hooked to the device. It was a great alternative to waxing. The Philips Satinelle Soft epilator HP 6400 cost around 3000 three years back and I guess it was worth every penny. But now you can get it for only Rs. 1850 on Flipkart.

Before long I was earning and now it was time to get one of my own. So which one do I buy? Initially I wanted to take the same one as my sister’s, but after exploring some online stores I discovered a plethora of options, which I didn’t even know existed.

After some research I zoomed on the Philips HP 6512. It was available at Rs 2999 on Flipkart. I ordered it right away. Initially I was looking at some lower priced models, but the specifications on this one were really great. I ordered, and patiently waited for my parcel to arrive. It took around 4 working days to reach me.

Though this epilator is not battery supported, it has a long cord (around 2m) for easy use, though that also means it won’t work without electricity. If you are not a very big fan of the burning sensation on the skin that comes after waxing/plucking then I would recommend using the shaver that comes as an accessory inside the pack. The shaver is quite good at its thing, so good in fact that my stupid brother has been using that instead of his razor. I seriously never thought that I would have to share it. The shaver heads are detachable and washable. This epilator has two speed settings and the sound level of is 72 bBa.

Inside you pack you will also get

  • Ex-foliation glove that prevents

    ingrowth hairs in between epilation (see pic 1)

  • Hair lift and massage attachment (see pic 2)
  • Ice glove relaxes your skin and minimizes irritation. So if you are all hot and fire after a plucking sessions, you can use that cooling gel to assuage your lovely skin and cool it down. (see pic 3)
  • Epilation head with opti-trim (see pic 4)
  • Detachable epilator Body (see pic 5)
  • Epilation head and shaving head with bikini trim function (see pic 6&7)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (7)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (3)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (6)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (8)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (5)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (1)


no-waxing-philips-epilator-eastgrad-fashion (2)

Let me know what you feel about the device. Feel free to share if you have used such equipment before.

Have a happy week ahead!

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5 Responses to Say No To Waxing II

  1. Mira says:

    Oh my Deepa I´m not tough enough for these torture instruments haha. I´ve tried it once or twice but for me it´s too painful. Yes I´m a wimp. I think the ones from Philips are pretty good though :D


  2. Soumi says:

    So high funda for me,my God! :-P

  3. Erin says:

    Hi Deepa, I’m glad you got your own. The first time I used one I was really scared. Epilators are so loud. Now I use an epilator between waxing sessions. I admit that they are not for everyone. Some of my friends can’t stand the pain and prefer other methods of hair removal. I can’t believe your brother is using the shaving attachment. He should get his own:)

  4. Kyra says:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment – i follow you now and wait for you on my blog! Love, Kyra

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