Revamping my Style

Have you ever tried of reinventing yourself? When you get an opportunity to try something new, especially while having to face a crowd what would be your first reaction? Dread? Scared? Or just the feeling “Ignore it”? But then has anybody told you the importance of revamping your style every once-in-a-while? Most probably no, but if you want a breath of freshness sometimes in our usual stale life, then reinvention is the way to go baby!

I was quite piqued when my co-blogger asked me to try on an over-sized sweater. That was something I had never tried before. I paired the sweater with my perfect fit bottom wear and pulled out my dark frames from their hidden location deep inside my wooden nightstand drawer where it had lain, forgotten and forlorn for months. Then I gave a thought, why not pair everything with a pair of formal shoes to embrace the perfect geeky-ness. The outcome, ladies and gentlemen, is

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High waters and ankle length pants have always been geek style lover’s favorite. Apart from giving an excellent touch to ‘Geek Chic’, these ankle pants also help to show off your addable shoes. And that’s exactly why I adopted my ankle length leggings. As far as the shoes are concerned, it doesn’t matter really. Sneakers work really well with the ‘Geek Chic’ look, especially a pair of Converse. Boots and heels with or without knee highs can also work. But make sure the heels are not extremely high. It doesn’t look ‘Geek Chic’ anymore when you try that.

What are your opinions about revamping your own style? Have you ever tried it before? I would love to hear from you guys.

What I wore?

Be stylish, keep smiling and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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6 Responses to Revamping my Style

  1. debiparna c says:

    this is perfection deepa!
    geek chic is my goto daily look!

  2. Soumi says:

    Effortlessly sexy! I can see myself doing this seven days a week!

  3. sajna poudyal says:

    u luk lovely….u shud wear such clothes more often :)
    y dnt u add few more pics…i wud love to c sme mre !!! waiting..

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  6. Much better Upper and the fits along with the decent looking Glasses ever i love to wear this type of Glass in any function just gave you little bit funky style in your look which think would be nice one for any one…

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