Red dress: The Classic way to look Glamorous

To be the lovely lady in red is every woman’s wish. Red dresses make a bold statement on any occasion and are a classic way to get attention. Somebody once said, “If you want to be the belle of the ball, be in red.”

My desire for looking attractive and elegant never fades away. And when it comes to red, I can’t back off. It has been my favorite colour ever since I was a child. In our college, the Editorial Board organizes a fashion photo shoot for the college magazine every year. In my 2nd year, this particular event was termed as ‘Wardrobe Wars’ (a name I really like!).

The name couldn’t have been more truer. It was indeed a wardrobe war. I still remember the chaos of participation; searching for the appropriate dresses, accessories and preparing for the right pose. But it was all good fun.

Classic red dress and matching accessories

Classic red dress and matching accessories

This red dress was borrowed from my cousin. Rest of the outfit is mine. Luckily I somehow had them in my wardrobe.

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