Recycling your old Jeans: Denim DIYs

I finally made up my mind to join TCS. I will be moving to Chennai after two weeks. And yes, its Chennai and anyone one can imagine the heat and the humidity of the place there! I carefully checked my closet if I could pick something for Chennai. Staying in one of the coldest places in Sikkim throughout my life, all I could find in my wardrobe was woolen apparel and quite a huge number extra jeans. So I thought why

not try some DIY stuff with my old jeans that were lying in my closet for years. After going through several sites I found a few interesting things in Pinterest and of course anything interesting… I always love to share…
When I think of doing something with my discarded jeans the very first thing that comes to my mind is cropped shorts. But there are a lot of other things as well apart from the age old “cropped shorts“, and that’s exactly what we are going to explore in this post.

Let me familiarize my viewers with some gratifying work made from discarded jeans.

  • Apron
  • Denim Socks
  • Cropped shorts
  • Paper bag shorts pants
  • Pen stand
  • Hand Bag
  • Bin organizer
  • Note book cover
  • Camera bag
  • Foot stool (adorable for a little boy’s bedroom)
Old denim magic!

Old denim magic!

A whole universe cut out from old jeans and denims.

A whole universe cut out from old jeans and denims.

Isn’t it stupefying? If you really liked the concept of utilizing your old denims please leave your comments below. Please feel free to share your DIY stuff if you have any.

Lots of love…

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