Pants to Shoes: DIY Denim Shoe

Ola Hola everyone! Today I am in Spanish Mood :D It is because we greet our colleagues in different languages and today it was Spanish. I am loving this word ‘ Ola’ ‘Hola’ and I love it even more when I get to pronounce it aloud -Ola Hola (again.. LOL :D)

Well let me ask you something. Have you ever tried re-crafting, re-designing or re-creating your denim? Few days back I saw an advert in Talent House where there was a competition for  re-designing with your old denim. I could not turn a blind eye to this contest because there are plenty of old denims lying in my wardrobe and I was sure I won’t be wearing those denims again. So why not give my right brain a little exercise and prove that I can be creative at times.


  1. Jeans
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. Shoe base (you can use readymade sole for shoe base and for the sole.
  4. Buttons/ accessories for decorating the shoe.
  5.  Netted Lace cloth. (Optional. I used this for wrapping the jeans buckle to make it more classy and fancy).
  6. Glue for sticking the shoe base with the sole.
  7. Needle and thread.

Step 1:
Cut the jeans in the shape you want your the upper part to look like.
Step 2:
For the shoe base, fold the cloth and cut it in the shape of the sole.
Keep the shoe base in between folded cut piece and stitch the edge of the cloth.
Step 3:
Stitch the edge of cut jeans piece at the back side of shoe base you made in step 2.
Step 4:
Make a buckle and stitch on each side of the shoe. Design the shoe by placing buttons or any accessories you want.
Step 5:
Stick the shoe base to the sole using high quality glue and keep it for some time.
Tada! Your shoe is ready!

DIY_Denim_Shoe_Eastgrad Fashion 6

DIY_Denim_Shoe_Eastgrad Fashion1 3
Is it so easy? Since I didn’t use the sewing machine, it took me 3 hours to complete the pair. But isn’t it worth spending that much amount when you know you can utilize you torn denim into something useful.

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5 Responses to Pants to Shoes: DIY Denim Shoe

  1. Mira says:

    Hola Deepa, que tal?
    This is an amazing diy idea. I hope you won the contest. The shoes look adorable. I don’t think it looks so easy and it would take me at least 10 hours of trying and probably I’d fail anyway. Wish you a wonderful wekend :D

    xx Mira

  2. Rafiq Sutar says:

    I think that was very creative and wonderfull,are a designer.

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