Words of Wisdom: Face Pack cum Moisturizer for Dry Skin

How many of you suffer from extreme dryness during winter or may be throughout the year? I have seen instances where girls apply moisturiser four times a day but still in the end the dryness doesn’t go away. So here is the most easy, handy and cheap method to make a face pack cum moisturiser with no chemicals added.

Face Pack cum Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Ingredients for Face Pack cum Moisturizer for Dry Skin. [We do not own the copyright for this photo]

To prepare take:

  • 2 table-spoon milk cream
  • 1 table-spoon honey
  • 2 table-spoon gram flour
  • Few drops of lemon

Mix them properly and after two minutes apply evenly on your face and neck. Keep it until it dries. Wash gently with Luke warm water and pat dry with towel. Try this before going to bed so that you can apply your daily sunscreen or day-cream during the day. You don’t need to apply moisturiser after applying this as this itself acts as a moisturiser. You can try this twice or thrice a week to get fabulous skin.

Have a happy week ahead!
Lots of love

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A Trip to Nautica for Father’s Day

I have been so busy this week that I hardly got the time to post anything. My sincerest apologies for neglecting my blog and not posting anything. Well I have something extremely exciting to share with you guys! I received a voucher worth Rs 5000 from Nautica on the occasion of Father’s Day. Isn’t that swell?

I visited the South City mall last Saturday to shop from their store. We were supposed to reach by 2 in the afternoon and we managed to reach it just in time. The store manager was very polite and took us on a tour in their store showing us all of their collections. It was pleasing to see how they had arranged the clothes neatly in a store built around the central theme of sailing. To reinforce this point they had nautical instruments like the telescope, lanterns, knots, and something like a yacht’s navigation wheel. And about the collection, I must say it was really good. Though the prices were a bit on the higher side but I still must say that it was worth it considering the superb material, apart from the design and the colours.

Starting from super soft cotton tees to trendy polo-shirts you can also find clean and crisp button down formal shirts for business purposes, which were perfect for my father. Even more surprisingly their products feature a unique and an innovative SPF protection and a moisture wicking technology.

Apart from these, Nautica also has a classy collection of accessories and fragrance. They had an amazing collection especially designed for father’s day. So if you are confused as what to gift to your dad on father’s day, Nautica store would be a worthy place to visit.

For the girls, they have a cute and lovely collection of apparel and accessories. You can spend the whole day trying out their cool summer tees and lovely dresses.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (12)

Bagful of goodies for my Dad on Father’s Day. Hope he will be delighted!

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (11)

The shirt that I finally chose for father after many rounds of deliberation.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (10)

A state of utter confusion in the choice laden Nautica store in South City.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (9)

Too bad they didn’t have this in smaller sizes. This was my original choice.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (8)

I didn’t know Nautica stocked women’s goodies too. This is the women’s section of the store.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (4)

View of the store from the inside.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (3)

Clothes and lanterns at Nautica!

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (2)

Going from one section to the other trying really hard to make up my mind.

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (6)

Hmm… how about these here?

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (5)

You can see the steering wheels, but can you spot the propeller?

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (7)

The material was so soft and comfortable!

Nautica South City Mall Kolkata Men's Collection EastGrad Fashion (1)

Hoping to get back soon for some more!

Isn’t their store prodigious?
Don’t miss the chance to visit Nautica’s store to see their unique and classy designs. All you need to do is just feel their material and you will simply fall in love with their collection.
If you like their collection you can follow Nautica on Facebook here.
Also they have the lovely official website here.

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The Rebirth of Denim: Behind the scenes

Some people thought I was actually photoshoped in the photos in this post. No! I was not. I am really a great jumper. In our quest for the perfect shot, we clicked around 30 pictures out of which 4 came out exactly the way we wanted. When I go for such shoots I crave to see this expression- “Wow! This is good” from AR, and only then I go for the next pose. Till then I keep repeating the same pose over and over, which in this case meant I kept jumped more than 15 times.

If you want to try such poses make sure you really are a good jumper :P and you have put on a very comfortable pair of shoes. I wanted to cover two themes in the same outfit- both trendy and geeky. And to add some more spice we added the jumping effect. The jumping idea is of course not mine. It was AR’S, the creative man.

But then there came the pang, a real strange feeling if I could actually come up with what we really wanted. First few shots were quite strange. Actually not strange, funny is the correct word to describe. It looked like I was doing some stretching exercise in the air. In some of the photos one of my legs was flying while the other was still on the ground. Some photos were rejected because shadows of my hand covered up my face and in some my skirt was not properly settled. Finally with this experience we landed up with the pictures that I posted in the earlier post.

A lot of jumps! All for fashion.

What I wore:
Old Denim skirt: gifted
Gladiator from Girlfriend, Store in Gangtok, Sikkim. Also here

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sleeve top from Vero Moda
Glasses from Geek from Healthkart.com. Also here

Happy Weekends Guys..
Have a Blast. :)

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Words of Wisdom: The Cheapest Thing can be Your Saviour

Ah, the weather in Kolkata! It seems like the almighty Lord is listening to my complains at long last. Cool breeze and cosy weather makes me feel that I am at home. And surprisingly, there is not much work pressure in the office since Monday (touch-wood!). Seems like my last post paid me some rich dividends :P

Since a long time I had wanted to share something. This is something a girl should know! Something that a girl might need in case of an emergency. Something that might save a girl from getting embarrassed in-spite of using all the preventive measures.

Let me describe a possible scenario and you will know what I am talking about. You are on a date with your crush. You are quite nervous and can feel your sweat rolling down your chest. You go to the wash-room to wipe it off and suddenly you get a bad smell from your sweat. You spray deo to cover the smell up! But in a while you get a horrific smell – the smell of the mixture of your deo and your sweat! Say you got a complimentary gift! :p.

Isn’t that really sad? You know you are clean, you took a bath, you thought several times and choose the right outfit. You put an extra effort to decorate your nail, you know your are comfortable in flat pumps but you chose to wear heels! You put the best and the most expensive perfume you have in your wardrobe but all these won’t be enough if the your armpit starts playing up and gives you a surprise gift of bad odour.

There is a simple, easy and cheap way to avoid this kind of situation.

Lemon Juice: Apply lemon juice on the armpits after bath. you need not put extra effort to make lemon juice. Just squeeze the lemon and apply on your armpit. It prevents sweating and bad odour for a whole day. You can also use it before bedtime on a regular basis. It will gradually reduce sweating as well as the bad odour.

Photos taken from Google

Photos taken from google

Have you ever thought this lemon could work wonders and could be your saviour? Please do let me if you have ever tried this before. I would love to hear from you.

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Colours to cheer me up!

Can’t believe the weekend is over! Don’t you feel even the weekends travel with the speed of light? It comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Wish I had some magical remote control and I could just press the “pause weekend” button and dump the remote in the dustbin!

I don’t want to think about my week-day schedule which will begin in a while. The same walking down to the office, working for 9 and half hours, coming back home (fully exhausted and tired), and then just eating and sleeping. No wonder I can feel some extra fat on my waist :(

So to add some colours to the will-be boring week I chose to do this post.




colours-to-cheer-me-up-EastGrad-Fashion (2)

Colours to cheer me up: Pink Dress by EastGrad Fashion

What I wore?

  • Floral print skirt- Atmosphere
  • Pink top- Zara
  • Blazer- from Bangkok
  • Pumps from Heels and Toes, Gangtok. Also here
  • Pink Purse from Atmosphere

Happy Monday Everyone
Hope you have a great week.

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