Funky Fashion

Remember those crazy days of childhood when you grasped that fashion magazine, endorsed yourself with junk jewels, put on mom’s heels and posed like a hippie for your mirror? Tamed by the concrete world, that daring side of ours has definitely been shriveled into reminiscence over the years.

Wax designs beauty. Just beauty used

It is time to unravel your audacity and align yourself with grown up global glamour with a wide range of modern silhouettes mingled with tribal and hippie styles along with a juxtaposition of jewels to give your ensemble a dramatic upshot.

Funky Fashion

Life is all about Experimenting

1. Embroidered flare skirt:

To give a refreshing twist to your garb pick something unusual like the enticing feminine flare skirt with the beautiful embroidery giving it an ethnic spin.

Although skirts have always been an essential element of women’s clothing, but with so many confusing options, (Long skirts, short skirts, pleated skirts, pencil skirts), it appears enough to make you want to give up and only wear pants. So choosing the right skirt matching your body type can be tricky.

The skirt featured by the model flaring out dramatically from a fitted waist is almost universally flattering. This type of skirts also blandishes a pear shaped body as it balances out heavier hips and thighs giving it a slim silhouette.


In case you are slender and narrow -hipped make sure you wear a light fabric that would swish around your legs and hide your lack of curves. If you are larger on the top see that your skirt hem covers your kneecap and ends where your legs appear to be narrowest.

Another simple yet impelling factor that is often snubbed is the type of prints that you pick. No matter how gorgeous the prints appear to be, always remember that big prints look better on thin women whereas small prints look appealing on big women.

Funky Fashion

Basic black top working wonders


For on top, try floaty blouses or loose tops that are not too heavily embellished in case you are already wearing an embroidered skirt. You could also try out some psychedelic looks by mixing and matching textures of fabrics, suede with silk, crushed velvet with leather and so on.


You might want to draw a line when it comes to being bold and getting creative with your wardrobe. Don’t get seduced by those flashy sequined or beaded night-club costumes or beaded bra-tops.

Some women who are not particularly fond of skirts may tend to incline towards Harem pants (loose pants gathered at the ankles) that are indisputably comfortable and hence widely worn. However battle your urge to stand out in the crowd wearing outrageous harem pants split at the sides to reveal your legs in an unflattering way.


3. Add ons:

a) Trinkets:

Embrace your neck with a luxurious wave of dazzling jewels, beads, shells or tribal tooth necklace that gives you the extra flair and an unforgettable style.

b) Footwear:

Give yourself the tough-chic attitude by brilliantly woven boots, with a slightly pointed toe or pointed slippers rather than sandals.


A few feet below, the footwear can be adorned with a few rows of bright beads, like a tribal necklace for the ankle in a bold yet wearable way.

With this entire attitude in a dress, you’d want to opt for super sleek hair tied up in a quirky manner and minimal makeup nicely applied to enhance your ensemble. Something may look a little weird to our modern eyes, but with the correct garb, it looks exotic, beautiful and authentic.

Keep yourself far away from looking passé, revamp your everyday wardrobe hassle into a pleasurable ritual and watch yourself being transformed into the everyday fashionista by incorporating one or two of the suggested outfits in your list. Do leave your comments and help us familiarize with your perspective.

Photographed By: Dipesh Pradhan (1st & 2nd) and Animesh Ray (3rd)
Model: Rinchen Ongmu
Stylist: Farama Subba

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