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Mona & Deepa: Read this!



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Extremely insightful.

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Love pink but don’t want to look like a Cupcake?

I have always thought of myself as an anti-pink. Why? To be honest, I have never actually tried out that colour. But the

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moment I see anyone wearing pink I start thinking about strawberry ice-creams and I ask myself “Do I ever want to look like that?”, to which the answer remains unchanged- “Hell no!”

Recently however Deepa got a pink overcoat and decided not to show it to me because she assumed I would make fun of it. When I caught her wearing it one day she told me to shut up even before I could comment on it. But to my utter surprise, I complimented her. I had no idea why but I liked it. So I decide to do my homework and after going through a number of fashion blogs and websites, I finally realized that there is nothing wrong or silly about the colour pink, it’s just the way people wear it that makes them look funny.

Read on to find out how to pull off one of the most complimentary colours without looking like a cupcake.

1. Take baby steps: Pink nail polish and lipstick

I believe people like me who have never owned anything pink should start by taking baby steps. Nail paints and lipsticks are a good way to switch up your beauty routine without looking completely over-the-top. Once you are done with it, you can even go for the daring pink hair streaks, even though I must say it isn’t really my thing.



Always remember that pretty pink pouts come with these set of rules-

Go easy on the eye make up.
Don’t overdo the blush. Too much pink isn’t a good look for anyone. If you do wear blush, try selecting a nude colour.
If you aren’t too comfortable wearing hot pink in broad daylight, save the look as an alternative to classic red lips for spring and summer evenings.

2. Add a pop: Accessories

You can add a pop of colour to your plain and simple outfits by adding some of these to your collection. Make sure you don’t wear any of these with a pink outfit. Trust me; you don’t want to end up looking like a cotton candy.

3. Step ahead of the crowd: Heels and handbags

As the items get bigger you need to start exercising caution while picking your shade. Dying to try out pink handbags and heels without feeling ridiculous in public? Pick pale pinks. They are uniquely fabulous and can go perfectly well even with your day time outfits.

4.Plunge in pink: Outfits

Wearing such a dramatic coloured outfit isn’t something that everyone should attempt. Make sure you have the confidence to pull it off, and if you’re not comfortable wearing it, don’t. The key to getting this right is

to wear pink as a part of your outfit and not the whole of it.

Is this a trend you’re willing to embrace, or do you think this colour is too much for you to handle in day-to-day life? What other colours do you personally recommend? Let us know by leaving your comments.

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And for the one more time She said Yes!!

The journey began when they were in kinder garden. Twelve years passed by so easily being best friends of their life. One fine day, in the midst of their college, he comes to meet her and make her realise that they can add extra column to their friendship. And this is how their friendship landed into being soul mates.
Isn’t that something really amazing? How lovely it is to have such a partner

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with whom you have shared lunch at school, copied home works together, caught cheating during the exams, and ofcourse celebrated birthdays together for continuous 12 years. Here I am talking about none other than my lovely sister who got engaged with her childhood friend on 7th of November, 2013 . Lets all wish them lots and lots of success and happiness in their life.
Yes, I know its been almost two months and I am sharing the old staled news. People.. please, you gotta do something of this lazy bones or else you will have to wait until the things become outdated :(

Let me not bore you too much making you read their entire love story. Enjoy yourselves with the pictures below.

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!! EastGrad Fashion 1

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 2

Girl’s little secret: You got to work hard to look more beautiful. This is what we do in the changing room.

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 7

Yay…!! Officially they are we are engaged.. :D

This ring ceremony was organised at Mandarin resort at Rinchenpong, West Sikkim. The even started at 11:30 where all the relatives form both the family gathered together to bless the couple. This was followed by exchange of rings. (The moment we have been waiting for :P )

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 3

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 4

And right after the ring ceremony was over, we got eat to such yummy cake.

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!! EastGrad Fashion 5

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 7

Who can stop these pretty ladies from posing :P

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 9

Cousins during the celebration

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 8

Photo session all around

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!! EastGrad Fashion 6

Good to three generation couples together.

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 10

All decked up for the evening party!

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 13

Couple on the dance floor

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 12

Early morning breakfast with a lovely mountain view.

Engagement And for the one more time She said Yes!!EastGrad Fashion 11

Me with my family. My brother missing in this picture.

There is a good news for you guys.
I will be conducting giveaway in my next post. So till then stay tuned and Be safe.

Wish you all Merry Christmas! Have a lovely day.

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Fashion for the “little larger”

In spite of being slightly on the heavier side, I never really found any reason to deny myself of fashion. I have always believed that fashionable does not necessarily have to equate with an hour-glass figure. All that really matters is the right cut and the perfect fit.

Well, last week I had my friend’s birthday party in Mayfair, Gangtok and we all were forced to attend the party in dresses.

The Ensemble

I decided to stick to the basics and wore this bright red dress. This dress

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was a result of impulsive shopping which I never regretted. I got this from Style Check, Gangtok. This beautiful hill station, in my opinion happens to be a huge fashion hub, at the most reasonable prices. The dress made my wallet light by just Rs.800.

Fashion Alert:

Since I have heavy arms, I stuck to three- quarter sleeves. I made sure the fall of the dress is such that it does not cling to the body. The length of the dress is moderately short, around two inches above the knees. I always believe in highlighting the best assets in your body. Keeping that in mind, I chose a pretty neckline. This dress has a lovely beaded work along its neckline which made it all the more appealing. The final touch is given with a pair of black stockings. It gives the dress a chic “black and red” essence.

Remember girls, if you have issues with your body and you

are not too willing to go for the classic “little black dress” try going for a bright color. Trust me, red works miracles. The color red usually takes eyes away from the body and to the dress. As for the fall of the dress, do not go for a balloon-cut or anything oversized. That generally makes you look larger than what you actually are.


Make sure you accessorize well. Nothing enhances a red dress more than a black embellished bag. For the jewellery, silver hoops look neat yet stylish and you could add a pendant around your neck.


As the old saying goes, “A girl with pretty shoes is always beautiful”. Last but not the least, a pair of sexy black stilettos completes the look. Here, I opted for a pair of snake-skin lookalike stilettos. These shoes belong to my friend who got them from Heels and Toes, Gangtok.

Always remember nothing can ever beat the beauty that lies in your confidence. So no matter how your body maybe, wear whatever your heart wants to and simply follow the mantra of confidence.


For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

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