Traditional outfits for Indian day weddings

Indian weddings are all about noise, food, fun and most importantly beautiful young ladies dresses in their best traditional outfits. And if you are the best friend you need to do it all, starting from the exhausting shopping sessions with the bride to her final make-up touches. After you are done playing your part it’s time for you let your hair down and indulge in fun.

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Reserve your shimmery outfits for the evenings and get the perfect daytime look with the right attire that lets you enjoy the day with out any hassle and leaves you looking absolutely gorgeous at all times.

Traditional Indian wear

Traditional Indian wear

1. Long Skirt:

A long skirt flaring out dramatically from the waist is exactly what suits the wedding spirit. Experiment with bright colors and embroidered details for the full impact. To ensure that the prints do not look tacky or over embellished, you can either get your outfits from popular boutiques or brands that specifically deal in Indian traditional wear.


There are several varieties depending in the amount of flare you want in your outfit. Those who wish to highlight their curves can go for options like skirts that have a fitted form and flare out from the knee.

2. Top wear:

Lehenga cholis and other ready made traditional attires are very common in weddings so in order to stand out you can get creative here and add the element of indo-western fusion in your outfit. Pair up your bright skirt with a black top that has a traditional detailing at the neckline but not on the entire body. It adds the modern chic factor to your traditional outfit which doesn’t blend in with the rest of the crowd.


Make the top and bottom wear totally contrasting. For instance balance out your billowy skirt with a fitted top.

If the top has prints and ethnic embroidery keep the skirt simple and vice versa.

Same goes for the color, a bright skirt needs to be paired up with a basic colored top or the other way round. Two flashy colors in the same outfit is way out of fashion.

Long flared skirt with a tight fitting Kurti, colorful bangles, small beads necklace and earrings.

Long flared skirt with a tight fitting Kurti, colorful bangles, small beads necklace and earrings.

3. Accessories:

Do accessorize your outfit either matching them with your skirt or mixing a few colors together. Put on traditional ornaments / accessories like earrings, finger rings, bangles/bracelets, necklace and sandals to go with your attire.

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Where do I get this from?


If you have a long shirt that looks amazing but is too plain for a wedding occasion, you can easily have your tailor transform it by adding a bright borders and embellishments which are available in any shop containing Indian accessories. These shops even help you custom design your accessories to match your outfit.

Keep yourself far away from looking passé, revamp your everyday wardrobe hassle into a pleasurable ritual and watch yourself being transformed into the everyday fashionista by incorporating one or two of the suggested outfits in your list. Do leave your comments and help us familiarize with your perspective.

Where to get this?

You can get such long skirts from,
Similar kurtis are available in
You can get colorful accessories from, Gumtree Singapore,,

Photographed By: Pramit Chakraborty
Model: Akansha Jhaker

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Short and Smart dress that defines your Style

Dresses don’t really suit your personality? Well that possibly cannot be true. Believe it or not,there is a dress for every lady on the face of earth. All you need is just a little help finding them and we’ll help you do just that. And don’t worry about your wallet going empty. If you intend not to spend to much on your dress and still look great, you need to work on other areas too. With the right accessories complementing your dress you’ll be transformed to a head turner in no time.

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Short smart dress,a hand bag, and pair of open toe  four inch white heels.

Short smart dress,a hand bag, and pair of open toe four inch white heels.

1. Dress:

This is important.You need to know your body type before you pick your dress. If you are in perfect shape , stretchable dresses are probably the best to show off your curves. Have great legs that need some flaunting? Pick a short dress keeping the length slightly above he knee.


Don’t go too short or you might look like you’re either wearing just a long top or have picked something out of the children s’ section.

If you wish to camouflage your flabs, stretchy dresses are not for you. You can look gorgeous wearing either a slim cut dress or something made of a lighter fabric that glides smoothly over your curves. Having proper access to top control underwear like tummy tuckers and make your life easy and you shall have more options while picking your dress.

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Stretchy dresses do not flatter extra petite figure either. Avoid wearing them unless you really want to look like a zero size runway model.

Next comes the prints. If you are a hard core corporate you definitely will not go parading in a floral baby doll dress. So what you need to suit your personality is a dress with smart structured prints. Stripes, geometrical shapes, small prints or even bright monochromes will do a great job in enhancing your personality. Remember you don’t have to imitate someone to look great.  Know your style and express it through your unique sartorial sense.

2. Add ons:

Sunglasses and a hand bag added to a short dress to give a complete naughty look.

Sunglasses and a hand bag added to a short dress to give a complete naughty look.

a) Hand bag:

Even a less expensive dress can have a mind blowing impact if accessorized properly. What you need first is a handbag that is both trendy and handy. Small clutches should be reserved for evening parties whereas daytime activities demand something big enough to hold your basic essentials.


If you are confused regarding the colour, pick the basic black or white. Avoid being crowned ‘Miss Matched’ by wearing something like a pink dress and carrying a pink purse. Same goes for the shoes.

b) Accessories:

The shoes play a major role in perfecting any outfit. You can turn a dress from casual to classy by wearing different shoes and adding proper accessories. Slip into your heels and put on your trendy eye wear to finish off.


Make high heels your new best friend if you are wider at the hips. They add extra inches to your height balancing out the width and have an instant slimming effect.

Keep yourself far away from looking passé, revamp your everyday wardrobe hassle into a pleasurable ritual and watch yourself being transformed into the everyday fashionista by incorporating one or two of the suggested outfits in your list. Do leave your comments and help us familiarize with your perspective.

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Where to get this?
Short smart dresses are available in  Zara, River Island .
Pick up similar bags from Marie Claire.

Photographed by:Pramit Chakraborty
Model: Divasree Rai

Stylist: Farama Subba

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Spring wear

We had a spring photo shoot in our college where almost every guy turned up clad in more or less the same type of t-shirt and jeans. I don’t blame them. I personally feel boys have lesser options when it comes to dressing up as compared to girls and the one big deciding element of their outfit is the tiny brand logo on it. Yes, that little logo makes a huge difference.

I viagra dose mg missed his photo shoot because I was sildenafil dogs pulmonary hypertension busy running around the female models carrying their bags and umbrellas. However I could tell from the huge number of photos that were taken of him (mostly excitedly beaming ones) that he was definitely having if cialis and viagra dont work a good time posing viagra in canada over the counter for our photographer.

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

1. Sweater:

What I love about this sweater is basically the brand and the colour of the sweater. Though I am not a big fan of v-necks for guys but he definitely knows what looks good on him. The colour goes well with his complexion and v-neck gives his neck a longer illusion.

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Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

2. Pants:

It’s such a relief to see guys wearing trem pants that suit them. The slim fitted trem pants look way better than those baggy ones on anyone with an average height.

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

Blue sweater, black pants and shoes

3. cialis liver Shoes:

Their comes the brand again. Your shoes say a lot about you specially when you think no one is looking at them. Now since guys don’t have a zillion options in that department like women, I suggest you should play safe by going for big brands. Chances of picking a hideous pair in that case are practically nil, unless of course you have zero fashion sense.

Photographed By: Satyam Rai
Model: Rikpo Vendi Lepcha

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Looking Great on a Lazy day: Casual Wear for Women

We all have our lazy days when we wake up late and realize we had snoozed that alarm for too long. The panic kicks in when you realize you have a long day ahead – classes, work and lunch with friends. You are minutes from missing your bus and hardly left with any time to dress, which makes you the victim to some of the disastrous outfits that scream out “I just grabbed what my hands could reach”! Quickly scroll through these useful tips and the casual outfit below to look chic even on your lazy days.

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White loose and comfortable t-shirt for summmer

You specialise in a daring sense of style... That means you never take the back seat.

1. Top:

Stick with basic and just punch them up a little. Pick any casual loose top that you don’t need to press and which has a fun color or an interesting texture; anything unique that will take your basic shirt from common to catchy.


Stick to one color palette. This makes choosing your outfit much easier as you don’t need to color coordinate your accessories to the patters on your shirt.

2. Shoes:

If you have a long day ahead, put on your comfortable sneakers instead of fussing in your stilettos. They let you strut in style while keeping it casually trendy all the way.

Loose long top with comfortable jeans and sneakers

Be it night or day, you dress in style and comfort. So you always look your best.


Avoid flip-flops. Unless there is an interesting detail on it it looks unadorned and dreary. And on a lazy day, they will make you look exactly that: lazy.

3.Bottom wear:

As long as you can, go dark on the bottom. Darker colors are both slimming and chic.
Pair a loose top with fitted bottoms. Shorts can give the illusion of looking sporty and active, so even that does the trick on a casual day.

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4. Add ons:

Just because you’re not feeling your best, that does not qualify as an excuse for not throwing on that pretty bangle or those stunning earrings. In fact, it’s even more of a reason to wear them. Slip in an interesting trinket to zing up your casual ensemble and you’ll look like you had your regular mirror-wardrobe time.

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Cool white top with a belt, jeans, comfortable shoes and a bag for a sunny day.

The street is your ramp as you sashay down with your elegant and avant grade dressing sense.

Keep yourself far away from looking passé, revamp your everyday wardrobe hassle into a pleasurable ritual and watch yourself being transformed into the everyday fashionista by incorporating one or two of the suggested outfits in your list. Do leave your comments and help us familiarize with your perspective.

Photographed By: Animesh Ray
Model: Deepa Sharma

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A Day in Gangtok

This post is not exactly dedicated to fashion tips and tricks. It is rather an attempt to give you a glimpse of our day in Gangtok where we held our second photoshoot. It was experimental and not much of preparations were involved. As expected, we got few models but they were the enthusiastic ones and that made our job really easy. Let me give

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you a quick tour instead of getting you bored with the details.

We reached M.G Marg in Gangtok at around 10 a.m. and scanned the area for our models. Trust me; thanks to the fashionable crowd out there, we had real difficulty identifying our actual models.

We saw this attractive young girl viagra (sildenafil) 100mg uk who coupon for cialis happened to be walking on the street wearing a lovely ruffled top and decided to approach her. Apparently she found the whole blog idea extremely funny but decided to give it a shot. I must say, convincing people to pose in the middle of a street in less than five minutes for some blog they had no clue about wasn’t an easy task. But things worked out in the end since the people of Gangtok were very cooperative. So a big thank you to anyone who is reading this.

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Street fashion

Street fashion

The picture below was taken at Baker’s Café. I personally woke our photographer up in the morning but he probably went back to sleep and skipped breakfast. As a result he had a growling belly after taking a few snaps and we had a perfect excuse to make him click our photos while we waited for our pastries at Bakers Café. (Please don’t compare our heights. Deepa is wearing wedges while I am wearing my work day flats).

At Baker's Cafe

At Baker's Cafe

I’ll tell you a little secret. Pramit gets the celebrity treatment when he goes out with his camera and he absolutely loves the attention. Naturally people tend to walk slower as they pass him. So we managed to find the cutest models for our blog. Most of them were shy and kept running away so we couldn’t get enough pictures. After looking at these pictures we came up with the idea of starting a kids’ fashion segment on our blog. So next time we are definitely taking a huge box of chocolates with us for all our mini divas.

Cute kids in Gangtok MG Marg

Cute kids in Gangtok MG Marg

Wait a second; I almost forgot to mention how Deepa tried to swap roles with Pramit. Check out this image. After getting around ten blurry pictures, she finally managed to get this one right when we were busy cracking jokes about her click skills.

Deepa trying out with the camera.

Deepa trying out with the camera.

Since the photo shoot was conducted outside our college campus, we had the pleasure of working with students from other colleges who were very excited about being featured in our blog. We did not put up all the pictures in this particular post but it is quite evident that our models enjoyed it as much as we did.

Models trying out their pose in Gangtok M.G Marg

Models trying out their pose in Gangtok M.G Marg

We even managed to click some random pictures to show you what’s in fashion this summer. Natural pictures do look good don’t they? We should try out street photography more often.

Young lady in M.G. Marg, Gangtok

Young lady in sildenafil citrate M.G. Marg, Gangtok

Smart girls hanging around Gangtok

Smart girls hanging around Gangtok

We clicked a hundred photos, made our models pose in the middle of a busy street, interviewed a few local shops, talked to strangers, managed to make some new friends,

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walked for hours and finally had good food. In short, the day was perfect. We will be putting up the photographs soon enough, so do keep visiting to find out more.

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