Lazy times over: Back with a Bang!

OMG! See how lazy I can be at times. It’s been so many days and I have not written a single post. I have just been lazying around pretending to be busy. I wanted to give myself a sweet long vacation which just didn’t happen. The reason for bumping into this post all of a sudden is nothing just other than a bad day that I had at office. And then I realized how much I missed scribbling all these complaints in my blog.

Meanwhile, quite a few things have happened in the past months. I am now the owner of brand new Nikon D7000. I am attending sewing and designing classes, so in the coming post, you will find me wearing my own designs ;). And the most important thing above all, we now have a new member in our family. Yes! My sister got engaged last month. Now I know the next thing you would do is scroll down and try look for the engagement pictures which I haven’t posted. You have to wait till the next post. I will update them soon.

Mr. A shot some clicks with my new Nikon D7000 a few months back and I must say the pictures ain’t that bad. Have a look and let me know how you feel about the clicks and my jumps ;)

Back Again: Red and White Combo
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Rain on hold: Summer Dress & Wedge Heels

The rains have thankfully granted us a respite from their unending torment and finally I could do an outfit post for the blog. I got this dress quite a long time back from Vero Moda when they were giving some discounts

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on their collection. I really liked the decent length and golden button touch on the dress. Don’t you think it adds a touch of class to this dress making it more pretty. Well you have seen the wedges in my older post. The bag as well is quite old and I have carried it numerous times.

Rain on hold EastGrad Fashion 3

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Compilation Post

Argggg…. It’s been raining heavily in Kolkata the last few days. Half of Kolkata remains submerged under the rain waters. The roads and the highways are so full of water that you will feel like you are travelling in a boat when you really are in a car. LOL! Doesn’t it sound funny? Well this is the present state of Kolkata.

And because of this heavy downpour and and water logging everywhere, I am not being able to shoot for the blog. Plus, I am not a fan of indoor photo shoots so this option is out of my list. And now I myself am bored of seeing the independence day post and tricolour on my home page. So I thought why not do a compilation post until the weather permits me to get the pictures clicked.

These are some random pickings from my old blog posts. Well, not random really, just the ones where I look good ;). So there goes the photos in a bigger size and with the links to the original post.
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India celebrates 67th Independence day

Namaste Everyone,

Today is such a proud occasion for all the Indians because on 15th August 1947 India got independence from the British rule after decades of non-violent struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi and many other brave leaders. Let me not blabber much about what, when and how India came into pre-eminence because we have learned all about India’s Independence in our boring history classes.

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Words of Wisdom: Home made remedies to de-tan your skin

Hello everyone, how have you been doing?  Briefing you about this post, this is all about the basic, and the easiest DIY way to de-tan through a home-made product.

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