Varchasv by Ankit Mehta


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row seats, excitement and expectations marked the beginning of day 2 at Park Hotel where the Signature Premier Kolkata Fashion Week was held. I sildenafil recipe had seen fashion shows aired on the television but it couldn’t have prepared me for what I witnessed next. The music echoed across the hall generic viagra 20 mg as the models walked to the rhythm in perfect sync with the changing intensity of the light. It was sildenafil 50 mg precio en peru magical!

The first designer of the day was the débutante Ankit Mehta. A NIFT graduate, Ankit Mehta had attempted to bring out his unkown side to the audience with his exclusive collection Varchasv where he highlighted the use of natural fibre woven into wearable range of outfits having a dash of vibrant colours. Ethnic wear, tunics, jackets and suits in bright colours and interesting cuts dominated his collection.

I could see cameras flashing wildly and photographers standing at odd angles trying to get their best shot and I couldn’t help smiling knowing that Animesh was sitting right beside me adjusting his camera lens and cialis online drugstore taking a dozen cps (clicks per sildenafil 50 mg en jovenes second) while I sat totally engrossed in the mesmerizing land of creativity and style.

Varchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week Kolkata

Varchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week KolkataVarchasv by Ankit Mehta in Fashion Week Kolkata

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Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata Day 2

It all began when Animesh told me we had received an invitation to attend the most awaited Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata. All they wanted us to do was attend the event and express our views regarding it. Just took a few email exchanges made within hours and it was all done. Now that the reality had finally sunk in we had to prepare ourselves for the magnificent experience.

After five gigantic cups of cappuccino, fingers typing all the possible related keywords on Google and a long sleepless night I managed to get all I could about the Signature Premier Kolkata Fashion Week. The Indian fashion industry has just taken its leap of faith by going for the eclectic theme Eco-Fashion with the objective of promoting the weavers of Bengal. What could provide a better platform to showcase this bold line of fashion than Signature Premier believing in “Fashion. For the bold, by the Bold”. The Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata, initiated by Genesis Square, started from 14th of September and will continue till the 17th of September 2012.

The fashion week was held at the Park hotel in Kolkata where the guest list also included upcoming fashion bloggers from the city. EastGrad Fashion was invited to cover all the shows. Animesh and I were all set for the joy ride fantasizing ourselves among the glamorous models and famous designers when the Kolkata rain slapped us hard on our faces.

It was a nasty rainy day and I was cat hopping in my high heels while my friend hugged his camera and rushed to the hotel where there was another surprise awaiting us. The organizer who had invited us had forgotten our “All Access” passes at home. I could almost hear my heart cracking. But that soon quick-fixed itself and brought a million dollar smile on my face when he handed us the VVIP passes instead that had front row seats for all the shows. Loved the hospitality!

We attended Day 2 which kick started with Varchasv by Ankit Mehta and Dori by Pallavii Mahindraa unveiling a unique combination of vibrant colours and traditional designs tastefully combined with Western designs to give it a more wearable look. But that wasn’t the first thing I noticed as soon as the lights came alive and music started. My first reaction was “Man! (or woman) Aren’t they are tall!”. Yes I am talking about the gorgeous ladies who cat-walked their way on the ramp and complimented those extraordinary attires. Everything starting from their hair, make up, accessories topped up with just the right amount of attitude said it all.

Following up we had Gen Next presenting the collection by Soham Chakraborty which was based on outfits designed for the masses. Keerti Rathod, on the other hand, based her work on men’s designer outfits highlighting the use of vibrant colours to bring out the audacious side of men who believe in standing out rather fitting in.

Next we had Farheen B. Rahman whose collection was presented in a very unique way where models seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, smiling and swaying to the desi beats. In short, a very entertaining show with equally amazing outfits.

Tejas Gandhi had done something unique by working on international designs, mostly French with classic use of Indian textiles and textures to give it a very classy look. By that time we had received our all access pass (with Monalisa in bold letters and a ‘say cheese’ pic!) and bounced off to Tantra where we had a chance to interview the designer about his collection and also meet other fellow bloggers.


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we headed back to the ramp where we witnessed Agnimitra Paul’s collection based on the Madhubani art form practiced in Bihar. I must say basing her entire collection on such a confined concept, she did put a stamp on “Fashion. For the bold, by the Bold”. Models chewing paan, teasing their braids and desi thumkas in sync with the popular tracks like “Womaniya” created a fun filled ambience tossing us to a festive mood with celeb show stoppers playing football and sipping bhaang. But at soon as the clock struck 9pm and I knew I had to catch my last metro and I fled from the scene like Cinderella with prince Animesh by my side hence missing the last show by Monapali which I later heard was high on jewellery.

We shall be posting the individual articles about the designers along with the photographs soon. This was just a trailer. Stay tuned for the real review with all the details and the hush talks.

Till then you can enjoy these preview photographs from the show:

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion WeekKolkata Fashion WeekKolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion WeekKolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

Kolkata Fashion Week

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My Hair Clip Collection Part II

This post is a continuation of My hair clip collection Part I. A post on a hair slide that catches the sight with an elegant look.

What could be a more perfect accessory to your all time favorite dress? Be girly and sport some lovely pins on your lovely hair. Ditch your old ribbons and put some beautiful bow barrette in your hair instead! Without the wrinkles and the hassle of tying your hair with your outdated rubber bands, use some treasured hair clips to add a glam to your outfit.

These are some of my treasured hair accessories from my vanity kit. I really don’t remember their price but I do remember that they are all from London (gifted to me by my sister). Hope you will enjoy going through them.

Hair clip with a bow:

Hair clip with a black bow

Hair clip with a black bow

Hair clip with a white bow

Hair clip with a white bow

I like big bows and I cannot hide the fact that they make my heart go pitter-patter. These bow knot pins are the perfect accessory for my hair, purse and lapel. A small jewel is attached to the centre of the hair bow and that adds glamour to its body . All ribbon ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying and the bow is attached to an alligator clip. It comes in a pack of two. I wear these bows to pin back my tresses or simply as embellishments.

Strawberry hair clip:

Pink Strawberries on my hair... I am like it! :)

Pink Strawberries on my hair… I am like it! :)

The spring strawberry hair clip is cute and very popular. My lovely pair of large strawberry pins is encrusted with ruby, Siam stones and crystal detailing. I team up this pair of clips with my cutest outfit for festival charm! It’s perfect for summer.

Havannah flower gem stone

hair clip:

Havannah flower gem stone hair clip

Havannah flower gemstone hair clip

Close-up of the Havannah flower gemstone hair clip

Close-up of the Havannah flower gemstone hair clip

A pair of sensational Havannah Flower clips with delicate gem stone in vintage style holds my hair in just the right position. You too can decorate your special hairdo with these glamorous diamanté clips and dance the night away. Magnified and intense, these distinct diamanté hair slides can instantly add some shine and elegance to your hair style.

Star hair clip:

Little Blue Star hair clip

Little Blue Star hair clip

Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder how tiny you are. This adorable hair clip is

unique which will add spunk to your style.

Did you like the collection? You will find more interesting hair clip collections on Johnny Loves Rosie. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Lots of love.

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Zara’s Latest!

Its September, but the weather in Soreng is freezing. It rains almost the whole day and all I can do is cover myself up with blankets and surf the world wide web the whole day.

I was going through some of the new collection from Zara, which is amazing as always. So here’s my pick of the lot.

Single button blazer for Rs 3,990.

Single button blazer

Single button blazer

Military jacket at Rs 5,390.

Military jacket

Military jacket

Trouser with turn-up hem

Trouser with turn-up hem

Trouser with turn-up hem

Top with lace short sleeve for Rs 2,390.

Top with lace short sleeve

Top with lace short sleeve

Satin flock trousers for Rs 3,790.

Satin flock trousers

Satin flock trousers

Jumper with cable knit collar for Rs 2,790.

Jumper with cable knit collar

Jumper with cable knit collar

Studded mid heel ankle boot for Rs 5,390.

Studded mid heel ankle boot

Studded mid heel ankle boot

Vamp with platform heel and ankle strap for Rs 3,990.

Vamp with platform heel and ankle strap

Vamp with platform heel and ankle strap

Glitter high heel court shoe for Rs 3,390.

Glitter high heel court shoe

Glitter high heel court shoe

I am sure you liked some of the Zara’s latest collection. They have some more exciting bags and scarves. Will be posting them soon. Hope you liked my pick. If you think I may have missed something do let me know!

Lots of love…

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Fashion Interview: Asta from Cactus and Cucumber

We have been thinking for some time now of doing something not strictly related to fashion, but at the same time equally interesting and somehow within the purview of fashion. And that’s when we came up with the idea of interviewing other fashion bloggers whom we follow and enjoy reading. So following up on that thought here’s our first of

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what will hopefully be a series of interviews with the best fashion bloggers of our day.

I have been following Cactus and Cucumbers for sometime now. The person behind the blog is Asta A. While originally from Nepal, she currently resides in the United States for the past few years. Without further ado, the interview:

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion

Can you tell us a little about yourself? About your family, your home town and your childhood?

I am a 20 something simple girl with a simple life. I am originally from South Asia and have been residing in States for a handful of years. My blog is a mix of fashion, beauty, food, healthy lifestyle and life as a general. I love nature, the mountains, rain, green tea and old movies.

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion How did you get introduced to the world of blogging? And what was the main motivation behind it?

When I took a break from working, I had lots of time in my hand. I surfed internet and discovered blogs. I found my new love. Before I started mine, I read so many blogs and magazine articles that were entertaining and informative at the same time. Information about nutrition, beauty products, dressing up to feel good, antioxidants and so many good topics really helped me. I wanted to share my knowledge and also keep track of how my style evolves throughout the time.

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion

What do you find the most challenging thing in blogging?

Updating Posts regularly can be a challenge sometimes. Reaching out to more readers can be hard as well. I don’t market my blog, so it solely runs on word of mouth. I am not much into numbers. I am a very laid back blogger.

Favourite designers?

I am not really into fashion brands. Like, when I buy a bag, I buy it if it suits my style and if I find it cute, and not because it has a designer label. My choice could be influenced by the current trends but not necessarily the brand name. I find that some brands are really overrated; after all they are luxury goods. I feel like lot of people jump on the designer products bandwagon. You do something because everybody’s doing it. Having said that, I would love to get my hands on a Christian Louboutin black stiletto and a Chanel quilted purse. They are classic and they never

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go out of style.

How do you keep coming up with material for your blog? What is the source of your inspiration?

My blog is my baby but I don’t stress about it. I post whenever I want, whatever I want. I am inspired by the fellow bloggers , magazines, tv and the people around me.

Morning person or night owl?

Definitely a night owl.

What are you favourite films for fashion inspiration?

60s romantic comedies in general. Classic! I can watch Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Charade’ over and over again. Her wardrobe in the movie is to die for, like any of her other movies.

Who takes all the lovely photographs on your site?

My better half.

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad FashionEveryone has a favourite post. Which is one is yours and why?

I can’t choose my babies. Cliché much!

If someone was interested in fashion blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

You don’t always have to be trend victim to look good. You can make your own trend. Be yourself!

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion

All the images used in this article are taken with permission from “Cactus and Cucumber”.

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