Colours to cheer me up!

Can’t believe the weekend is over! Don’t you feel even the weekends travel with the speed of light? It comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Wish I had some magical remote control and I could just press the “pause weekend” button and dump the remote in the dustbin!

I don’t want to think about my week-day schedule which will begin in a while. The same walking down to the office, working for 9 and half hours, coming back home (fully exhausted and tired), and then just eating and sleeping. No wonder I can feel some extra fat on my waist :(

So to add some colours to the will-be boring week I chose to do this post.




colours-to-cheer-me-up-EastGrad-Fashion (2)

Colours to cheer me up: Pink Dress by EastGrad Fashion

What I wore?

  • Floral print skirt- Atmosphere
  • Pink top- Zara
  • Blazer- from Bangkok
  • Pumps from Heels and Toes, Gangtok. Also here
  • Pink Purse from Atmosphere

Happy Monday Everyone
Hope you have a great week.

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Siblings: The Best Things on Earth


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are the best gift in the world even though once we may have fought tooth-and-nail with them for every little piece of a candy.

This month was a very special month because my sister came India calling, and after a long time the circle of three was complete . During her stay in Kolkata, all we canadian pharmacy wisconsin approved did was eat and that too like crazies.
But apart from that, let me tell you about all the gifts she bought for me this time. One of them cialis for sale nz is the Pink Maxi dress – (The one I am wearing in the photos in this post). Such a cute dress to beat the heat in summers. The moment she showed me the dress, I fell in love with it. She really understands the Kolkata heat and also my favourite colour. Apart from this dress she brought for me… shhh… I should not reveal the rest now! online pharmacy

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viagra I will post them one by one in my blog soon. All of them are so cute and lovely just like her.






As the saying goes, “We meet to create memories and depart to preserve them.” Today she went back to Dubai and we are missing her like crazy. Have a safe flight dear. Your presence is being immensely missed by all of us.

What I Wore?
Pink Maxi Skirt: Gifted by my sis from Melbourne
Wedge heels from BK Market, Kolkata
Vintage Metal Mesh Shoulder Bag Purse Also carried here, here and here. (A gift from my sister).

And guys, how is your week passing by? Mine is so hectic and tylenol 3 canadian pharmacy stressful :( Eagerly waiting for the weekends
Have a happy day.
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The Rebirth of Denim

Moving a house is one of the cialis online buy most instructions for viagra stressful activity of our life. Stress comes up when you dump all your stuff in a box , completely confused which one to put in which box keeping in mind you have an extra headache of organizing stuff again in your new house.
But keeping this stress away, Shifting is quite a fun too.
Clearing my closet in my last flat gave me an opportunity to find my lost canadian pharmacy cialis and forgotten clothes. This denim piece is one item I thought I actually lost. It was bought some ages back and my sister never encouraged me to wear this just because it looked faded and old. But then who can stop me from mixing and matching my vintage clothes when I know the real fun lies there. cialis with other drugs

Above all these, I am quite excited about “behind the scene pictures” that I will be sharing with you all in my next post.
Rebirth-of-Denim-EastGrad Fashion-09
Rebirth-of-Denim-EastGrad Fashion (3)

Rebirth-of-Denim-EastGrad Fashion-07

Rebirth of Denim: A Brilliant Hairstyle by EastGrad Fashion

Rebirth-of-Denim-EastGrad Fashion (5)

See how AR turned a gritty jump shot into a poster for Adidas & Nike. More here


What I wore:
Old Denim skirt: gifted
Gladiator from Girlfriend, Store in Gangtok, Sikkim. Also here
3/4 sleeve top from Vero Moda
Glasses from Geek from Also here

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Beer Pride with Indus Pride

Have you ever felt this way? You are so undone / over-loaded / frustrated with office and house-hold activities and suddenly you check your mail to see an invitation for a cool music/beer event.
For a moment the overloaded/frustrated part gets flushed away and excitement takes over.

It was on the 25th of April when quite a few bloggers from the city were invited by Indus Pride to attend the event at Tantra, The Park in downtown Kolkata. Th event was about the launch of their unique brand of beer which they claim has been brewed with Indian spices. The dress code was experimental. Interesting! Indus Pride brought a classic choice of Indian indie music to fans via the exclusive StrangeBrew party celebrating the launch of their range of beers.

Though I am not a ‘beer person’ but I really liked the unique concept of Indus Pride’s special beer brewed with Indian spices. The band associated with this event for that day was Lagori. It was their belief that paring Indian music with the Indian spiced drink would touch all your senses together through what you hear, what you drink and what you eat, and for sure they kept their words.

Apart from the drink and the music, the event went on to be more interesting when Debi, DG,

Animesh and me decided to go for an impromptu photo session. And here are the results!

Pic c/o DG from Chappals Vs Stilletoes

Pic c/o DG from Chappals Vs Stilletoes





There are more interestion picures here- FLY SONGBIRD and here- CHAPPALS vs STILLETOES so, don’t miss them.

And I forgot to mention I also got featured in t2.
Have a look guys.. :)
Hope you guys have a great week.

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Fashion Interview: Irene from Onto my Wardrobe

Hey guys, Its been some time that I haven’t published any fashion interview. So let me introduce one of the most beautiful fashion bloggers I know – Irene from Onto my Wardrobe. Here is the interview of 20 year old architecture student and blogger who is also my source of inspiration in the world of blogging.

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself? About your family, your hometown and your childhood?
I am Irene Buffa, blogger from, architecture student and a freelance journalist. From what I do it might sound like I am a “serious” person, but in reality I am a really playful person, and childish and silly at times :D

I live in Monza (a town very close to Milan) since when I was born and I spent a really quite life here, but I’ve always been really happy about it. Almost 2 years ago I started going to university in Milan, I opened my blog and my life changed completely: I met my boyfriend, my blog started growing, I met a lot of interesting people, started joining fashion events and working freelance as a fashion journalist. In few words: I succeeded in a lot of things, but on the other side I also realized life is a little harder than what I’ve always thought. For all the good things that happen to you there will always be some that are not perfect.


2) How did you get introduced to the world of blogging? And what was the main motivation behind it?

I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I was not a computer addict. I had my facebook account only and did not use it much, but it’s thanks to facebook I discovered the world of fashion blogs. I started following one or two and day after day I discovered more of them and I started thinking that a fashion blog would have been a good hobby for me. So I basically started one cause I felt the need of sharing my ideas and point of view about fashion on the internet, I did not think so many people were going to care about my opinion, but my blog started growing slowly and then it started growing faster and faster and i realized after all opening my personal space on the blogosphere was not a bad idea.

Fashion interview: Irene from Onto y Wardrobe

3) What do you find the most challenging thing in fashion blogging?

If you are a personal style blogger like me for sure the most challenging thing is to “always look great”. Most famous bloggers always look fabulous and relaxed, even when they have a lot of work to do! That’s something you really have to work on, taking care of yourself is really important, but at the same time hard if you are a busy person!

4) What do you do when you are not working on your blog?

When I am not working on my blog I am either studying / drawing / building models for school, or I am out with my boyfriend.

We usually go out for something fun, like having lunch together, distracting, going to the movies or for some shopping (my boyfriend is a shopping addict) and while doing that we always find those 10 / 20 minutes to take pictures for my blog.


5) Do you see yourself as a full-time fashion blogger in the future?

When I started I did not have any expectation, but right now I see I have a lot of work and day after day this is becoming a job! So the answer is: yes, but my dream is that of being a fashion designer, so I think it would be great if I can use my blog in order to promote my designs in the future!

6) Favourite designers?
My favorite brand in terms of clothing is for sure Chanel, it really represents me (or maybe it does represent every woman?!), but I also feel really close to Dolce & Gabbana designs, maybe because they are Italians and in what they do I can always see a lot of my country’s traditions. On the other side I love exploring new designers: on my blog I just opened a “designers” section which is going to be filled soon with outfit posts of me wearing emerging (or not) designers garments.


7) How do you keep coming up with new material for your blog? What is the source of your inspiration?

New ideas for my blog come and go everyday and if I could publish everything that goes through my mind I would post every 30 minutes! :D The source of my inspiration is the world itself, from nature to man-made places I see new ideas in everything I do, everywhere I go, but also in the feelings those places evoke me.

8) Morning person or night owl?
I am a night owl for sure. By saying that I don’t mean I go out at night clubbing, but that I use the night as a great time to work and come up with new ideas. I actually have serious problems waking up early in the morning and I have to set about 6 different alarms in order to wake up at a decent time. That’s crazy, right?


9) A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. Do you look towards your blog as another possible source of income?

At a point when blogging you have to start thinking of your blog as a source of income. You start the blog as a hobby but with time and experience it becomes a full time hobby, which in few words becomes a JOB. That’s the point where you have to start earning a good amount of money to make it worth it! Obviously earning with your blog is not that easy, but if you keep working on it everything starts going faster and it will give you lot of satisfaction with time!


10) What are you favourite films for fashion inspiration?

I would skip this question because I have favourite movies but not regarding fashion :P

11) Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

My favorite blogger is for sure Andy from Style Scrapbook. Another great blogger is Denni from the Chicmuse, in any case I don’t follow blogs daily, but I usually browse some once a week… Maybe if I had more time! Also I don’t use blogs to get inspired for my looks, but maybe more to see blog designs and other kind of technical things!


12) Who takes all the lovely photographs on your site?

All the photographs on my site are taken by my very talented boyfriend Roberto.

When I met him I already had my blog, but it was so small and not great that I was about to close it.

Roberto convinced me about keeping it and start updating it again and so he started helping me with the photos also finding out that photography is something he really loves!

I am very proud of my boyfriend for helping me and having so much faith in what I do.


13) Favourite high street / chain stores?

In Milan there’s not as many shops as in other countries, so when shopping on the streets I usually go to Zara and H&M as most of the girls on this planet! Mostly I shop online though, where the variety is greater and where I luckily can shop for free thanks to my blog’s collaborations!


14) Favourite post and why?

I change my mind about this topic almost every week. So this is my favorite post of the week:

Why? I love the styling, especially the shoes, the location is one of my favourite in Milan and the pictures look very natural!

15) If someone was interested in fashion blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Remember that blogging is not as easy as it looks, so if you are really convinced

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about having your blog start working hard on it and never give up! Try to constantly improve your style, but also those that are the technical parts or your job.. Like photography, blog design, promoting on social networks and so on.


16) Is there anybody else associated with your blog or is it all you, from the back-end to the front-end?

I manage all the aspects of my blog, except for the pictures which are taken by my boyfriend as I previously stated and the videos which are filmed by my talented sister.


18) What are your future plans with regards to your blog?

As I said before I recently added a designers section on my blog and I am starting to create very interesting links with designers from all over to world! My aim right now is that of promoting the work of these talented designers and hopefully this will attract even more attention on my blog!
Wish me good luck :)


This is just a glimpse of Irene and her world. Please visit her blog here and you will simply fall in love like I did. There are quite a lot of good photos on lookbook too. You can also follow her on google+ as well.
Please let us know what you feel about this post. Would appreciate your comments on my blog.

Happy Sunday guys.

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