Gifts are always lovely

I can’t express how excited I am about this post. I just received a parcel from my sister who is currently in the UAE. Being employed in one of the world’s best airlines, she gets to visit almost each and every corner of the world. I know she is lucky, but so am I :-P. She visits the places and I get the gifts. Isn’t that lovely?

This time she picked up a pair of shoes, a bag and a sweater for me from Melbourne, Australia. I can’t take my eyes off them. I am simply in love with the colour and the design. She has such good taste!

I seriously wonder how she gets the correct size for me all the time even though all countries follow their own conventions. And my Mom on the other side doesn’t remember what size we wear :D (Mom, this still means we love you more than you do!).




Thank you Di for the

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lovely gifts. I love you so much!

And to all my readers, I will come up with the outfit post wearing them soon. Keep visiting the blog and keep commenting. Have a happy week.


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Flashing Summers

Summer is here! The blades of the fan have started to roll and the sun has started on its journey to become the bane of our existence. So out go the winter clothes, and in comes the colours of the nefarious Indian summer.

Moving to the photo part, Animesh just bought his first flash (he calls it speedlight). Exciting nah? Nooo! That’s the most unfortunate thing that happened to me since this blog started. You know what happens when you present a young kid with Smartphone. He goes completely berserk on it without producing a single intelligible thing. Its the same thing with him. And the worst part is that I am the guinea pig for all his experimentations. You are tired and bored to death while standing for hours on end in inclement weather, and this guy is chuckling saying something about flashguns having zoom. Argh!

Anyways this photo is a result of those crazy hours. My pose is awesome (as usual :p). But see what the photographer and his ‘speedlight’ have done to my beautiful legs. They have completely disappeared into the darkness of the coarse background. And he thinks that this photo is good! Well I do look good in that cute little floral print dress, but still what has been done to my legs is beyond humanity!

I am currently thinking of banning the flash. Do suggest whether you agree or disagree. You can read Animesh’s version here.

Flashing-Summers EastGrad Fashion



As for my floral print dress is concerned, I chose this as a gift for myself from one of the quaint streets of Pondicherry. The stuff you get there are so fashionable and trendy and that too in a very cheap rate. I bet you can loiter there for hours and hours without getting bored.

What I wore?

  1. Floral print dress from Pondicherry.
  2. White Shrug from B K Market, Kolkata.
  3. White Pumps
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    from Hush Puppies.

Stay stylish be safe… and as always don’t forget to leave your comments below

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Exploring the Local Fair

I have interesting announcement to make for the good people of Kolkata.  Are you guys looking for clothes, handbags, hats, accessories and similar stuff? And that too on a very little price? If yes, then you are on the right page!

But before I start, you will have to listen to my “not so interesting” story about how I discovered the venue. One crazy thing happened to me two days back, when I was on the way to home from office. I saw a glimpse of Ferris wheel up in the sky, and a pang of nostalgia hit me immediately. I was never so much into fairs till my college. I can still remember my Mom and sis getting so excited about attending the local fair despite my sis’s exams or my Mom’s school. My Mom is in her 40’s now, and still today, no one can stop her from playing the Ferris wheel.  And here for the first time I, on my own, decided to visit the local mela with one of my friends.

We got everything we want all under one roof! It sounds like a chintzy commercial, but it’s actually true at the fair. Well, maybe not under a roof, but definitely within some radius.
From home goods to your personal choice accessories, some DIY stuffs, bags (and what else you want… May be I am running sort of words) you’ll find what you are looking for at the fair. Plus, you can do it all while taking a break or maybe you can go for some amusement rides or nosh on some savoury fair food.

Am I not stupid? I have been blabbering about this local fair for about a minute and still haven’t told you about where is it taking place actually?
It’s called Bidhannagar Mela and its right next to Karunamoyee bus stand. The fair will go live till the 5th of Feb. So, all the readers residing in Kolkata buck up and be a part of it.

Such fairs can be romantic too, you know! Think about it: sunny days, starry nights, carnival rides and memories being made… So don’t miss the real fun :).

Of course I found the typical mish-mash of clothing, all of which are great buys but there were only a few vendors that really caught my eye. So have a look on some of the pictures we took.


















I bought this ring just for Rs 70. Can you imagine that? Isn’t it pretty?
Let me know if you visit this fair. I would be glad if you could share some of your clicks too.
And as always be happy, be safe and please do leave your comments below.

Have a happy weekend…

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Sun, College, Fashion, Fun

Hi everyone, how is your week going by? I hope its good. By the way, today is the last day of Jan 2013 (yippie my salary day! ). But it does feel like January went by a little too fast. And yes, how about your new year resolution? Are you sticking to it?

Last night I was rummaging through my college albums while organizing my hard disk when I stumbled across some old photos. I almost fell for myself when I saw the cheerful side of me. For a moment, I re-lived my fun fledged college days. (I am missing them so much now :( ).

I just have a vague idea about when and where these photographs were taken.

Summer Monochrome

This is when I was on my way to the college canteen during my 2nd year. My friend was firing

off a shot at every step and I was doing my best to allude his sights, well after I realized he was clicking my photographs. Dumb me… :-P
What I wore?

  • White top from Style check, Gangtok.
  • Black Jeans from Lee.
  • Shoes from Adidas.
  • Watch from Titan Raga


This was clicked when my friend was busy playing with his new Nikon D90, brand new at that time.
What I wore?

  • Top from Zipper, Gangtok.
  • Jeans from Levis.
  • Pumps: BK Market, Kolkata.

Cool Pink and White in the Winters

On an unplanned picnic with some of my friends.
What I wore?

    • Purple Sweater gifted.
    • Jeans from Levis.
    • Scarf Knitted by Me
    • Shoes from Adidas.

Polka Dots and the Sun

Another Polka-dotted memory from my sunshine filled college. Oh the weather!
What I wore?

  • Polka-Dot Top from BK Market, Kolkata.
  • Black Jeans from Lee.
  • Shoes Adidas.
  • Bag from UK (a gift from my sister).

College memories are really sweet, aren’t they? Please feel free to share your crazy memories if you have any. I would love to listen to them…
Stay stylish, be safe and please leave your comments below. I love reading them :).

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Revamping my Style

Have you ever tried of reinventing yourself? When you get an opportunity to try something new, especially while having to face a crowd what would be your first reaction? Dread? Scared? Or just the feeling “Ignore it”? But then has anybody told you the importance of revamping your style every once-in-a-while? Most probably no, but if you want a breath of freshness sometimes in our usual stale life, then reinvention is the way to go baby!

I was quite piqued when my co-blogger asked me to try on an over-sized sweater. That was something I had never tried before. I paired the sweater with my perfect fit bottom wear and pulled out my dark frames from their hidden location deep inside my wooden nightstand drawer where it had lain, forgotten and forlorn for months. Then I gave a thought, why not pair everything with a pair of formal shoes to embrace the perfect geeky-ness. The outcome, ladies and gentlemen, is

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right in front of you.



High waters and ankle length pants have always been geek style lover’s favorite. Apart from giving an excellent touch to ‘Geek Chic’, these ankle pants also help to show off your addable shoes. And that’s exactly why I adopted my ankle length leggings. As far as the shoes are concerned, it doesn’t matter really. Sneakers work really well with the ‘Geek Chic’ look, especially a pair of Converse. Boots and heels with or without knee highs can also work. But make sure the heels are not extremely high. It doesn’t look ‘Geek Chic’ anymore when you try that.

What are your opinions about revamping your own style? Have you ever tried it before? I would love to hear from you guys.

What I wore?

Be stylish, keep smiling and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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