A Sweet and Bitter EastGrad Fashion

What could be more interesting than going out on a photo shoot with other bloggers?
I had been telling Animesh to organize such shoots from a long time but his odd shifts in office always kept delaying the plan. It was of course “the stubborn me” who

kept saying the shoot had to be done and yes, ultimately we did it!

Sweet and Bitter EastGrad Fashion7

The guest invitee was a very sweet girl, from the make up and beauty blog Sweet and Bitter – Shayoni. She is truly blessed with all the great make-up mantras. I was totally amazed by the way she was playing with her make-up items. Her eye decoration tells us a lot about this.

Sweet and Bitter EastGrad Fashion4

After everything was set, we went to the spot Animesh had identified earlier for the shoot carrying along with us whole set including a huge reflector, his new flashgun, stand, a self-made diy beauty dish, the heavy camera and the lenses. Ultimately it was “the girl” who had to come in the picture so naturally we had “our” tokens with us. After all, we are girls and we have to look pretty right?

The serene sky and the sun played their role quite well. Her hair was beautifully lit up by the golden rays of the sun and her outfit looked amazing. The off-white top with black polka dots looked gorgeous. Her sleek and sophisticated maroon coloured bottom wear wasn’t a bad choice to team with her polka dotted top, and how can her footwear go wrong when every thing she chose was up to the mark.Let the pictures speak the rest.

Sweet and Bitter EastGrad Fashion3

Sweet and Bitter EastGrad Fashion2

This is not the end of the shoot. We will come up with more of her in the next post. Till then stay stylish, be safe and don’t forget to

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drop some comments below .

Have a happy week.

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Fashion Interview: Nyt from BIG hair LOUD mouth

So after a long lull the interview section is all set to see some more activity. And breaking the lull is the pretty and ambitious blogger from “BIG hair LOUD mouth“, Nilu Yuleena Thapa, or as she is more popularly known as ‘Nyt’! She might be a newbie but she has enough fashion tricks up her sleeve to give the veterans in the trade a run for their money.

Nyt EastGrad Fashion Interview (6)

Can you tell us a little about yourself? About your family, your hometown and your childhood?

Yes, I come from a family of four from a small town called Kalimpong from the district Darjeeling in India. Since the place is close to the neighbouring countries of Nepal, Bhutan and China, I’ve always been influenced by various fashion trends that had emerged throughout the time and I also travel a lot so I guess my style right now is a concoction of all the influences that consciously and subconsciously rubbed off on me. Since, I am the eldest child, my parents always dressed me in a variety of clothes. One time of the day I would be sporting a frilly dress and the next thing I knew I would be running around in a pair of baggy overalls! So I guess, its owing to how I dressed as a child that I have no problem sporting an androgynous or a feminine look effortlessly.

How did you get introduced to the world of blogging? And what was the main motivation behind it?

To be honest it just came to me overnight that I should start blogging ! Its such a shame when you are dressed and feel pretty and you don’t even record the moment. To me blogging is more like recording the moment when I feel good with what I wear and how I look! I’m not motivated by anyone to blog! I’m a very random, spur of the moment kind of person so one day I thought I need to have a blog and the next thing I know I am a proud owner of BIG hair LOUD mouth :)

Nyt EastGrad Fashion Interview (4)

What do you find the most challenging thing in fashion blogging?

Keeping up with the flow! Style is something that we possess not fashion! Fashion is always changing! When I started blogging in 2012 Neon and floral prints were a rage! Now, I don’t see people sporting those things anymore as the fashion tide seems to be more focused in digital prints. There is no knowing how the spring collection is going to be but I guess it’ll be a flurry of colors and bold patterns!

What do you do when you are not working on your blog?

Well, I’ll either be working in the office or I’ll be using the other Social Networking sites or I might be watching some K-pop Series or reading Japanese Manga.

Nyt EastGrad Fashion Interview (3)

Do you see yourself as a full-time fashion blogger in the future? 

Its hard to say that but who knows? . As I mentioned I only like to record moments when I feel good. I’m not a blogger by profession, it has no monetary value for me. It is a passion I have in me, to share a part of my life with like minded people. But yes I do visualize myself doing more posts in future and trying to meet the expectations of my blog readers.

Favourite designers?

Favourite designers: I’m currently gaga over quirky prints and Bold colors and I love Prabal Gurung, Herve Leger,Diane Von Furstenberg, Tadashi Shoji, Alice and Olivia and Zac Posen. I also happen to love Alexander Wang for his statement leather shoes!

How do you keep coming up with new material for your blog? What is the source of your inspiration?

I always check out fashion and beauty articles. As soon as I like something, I make it a point to add it to my shopping list/ wishlist. It may sound absurd but I’ve also styled clothes while arranging my closet and the next thing I know an old shirt and an old skirt that I never teamed together somehow looks amazing and that becomes an outfit for the day! My source of inspiration comes from anything ….from the people I follow on Social Networking sites, to street stylists I happen to come across while browsing. I love experimenting with clothes, fashion! Somehow teaming different fashion attires makes up your own style!

Nyt EastGrad Fashion Interview (7)

Morning person or night owl?

Night Owl!

A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. Do you look towards your blog as another possible source of income?

I like collaborations when I’m sent items to review but I’m not a fan of making advertisement Blog posts. The answer to your second question is No, BIG hair LOUD mouth is my passion not a business site.

What are you favorite films for fashion inspiration?

None in particular. I watch a lot of movies , sometimes with subtitles and somehow I guess like for everyone, anything impressive just registers on my mind.

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific ( Very classy, chic look), Aimee Song from Song of Style (Her style is something I visualize myself in), Andy from Style Scrapbook (Love her fun style), Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad (Classy again) , Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad (Fun and Interesting to Read), Leandra Medine from Man Repeller (Who doesn’t love this lady?)

Nyt EastGrad Fashion Interview (5)

Who takes all the lovely photographs on your site?

My lovely friend Spoorthy who is very interested in photography but hasn’t yet ventured in that domain.

Favorite high street / chain stores?

Zara, Mango, Forever New, Bebe, Charles and Keith. I love many high end brands too but since I’ve personally not tried them so I cant label them as my favourite.

Everyone has a favourite post. Which is one is yours and why?

I love the post called “Leather and Lace on 12.12.12″ mainly because I’m in love with the lace skirt I’ve worn there which was gifted to me by a very good friend/ fellow blogger.

If someone was interested in fashion blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Set your mind free and document something that describes you, feels like you and let it not be something that you copied from someone.Always keep in mind that there is a whole lot of difference between being “Inspired” and “copying” someone.

Is there anybody else associated with your blog or is it all you, from the back-end to the front-end?

Nope,BIG hair LOUD mouth is all me. It was created at the spur of a moment. One moment I’m reading a magazine and the next thing I know I’ve started BIG hair LOUD mouth.

Nyt EastGrad Fashion Interview (2)

How do you manage time for blogging?

Tricky.. Its not so easy managing work and have the time to blog but I guess in the end Passion perseveres!

What are your future plans with regards to your blog?

I want to do more blog posts and more collaborations and venture more into social networking sites, more frequently than before, and make BIG hair LOUD mouth a familiar name by the end of December 2013.

Make sure you don’t forget to visit her blog. And yeah, stay tuned to our blog for more updates on the exclusive EastGrad Store.

Have a great Sunday, folks. Cheers!

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The Real Weekend Feeling

What a week it was! I remember doing just a few things which mostly include going to office and then coming back home. Now I can feel the real importance of weekends. I have a tremendous amount of work to be done over the weekends, so much that its difficult to scribble them in my ‘To do list’. Making designs, textile and texture research, contact people for the material, the list is endless. My greatest fear is that these preparations will never come to an end.

A few hours back I visited the boutique where I have given my designs for stitching. Happy to tell you that a few of the designs are ready and some are well on progress. I will be uploading them soon.




This is what I wore today; a very light cotton check shirt, my all time favourite jeans and yes, my converse out when you know your legs need some exercise :P

What I wore?

    • Cotton check shirt from FreeLook, Gangtok.
    • Jeans from Levis
    • Footwear from Converse.
    • Tank top from Jockey

Have a happy weekend.

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The BIG Anniversary Surprise!

We are on a secret mission. A mission so secret that even we do not know how it will turn out. A secret so explosive that you are not going believe it.


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what is the secret? Get prepared for the surprise then. Well, me and Deepa are opening an online store on the 1st anniversary of this blog! And there it is. A store!

Still don’t believe it? I know its quite sudden but the fact is we have been planning this for a really long time, and we think this is the perfect time to go ahead with our plans. The budget has been fixed, the materials have been bought, the dresses are getting made, the tags are getting printed, the whole shebang has started for real. Yay!

Deepa is really busy in all of this apart from her regular office work, after all the designs are all her’s, but she will continue to posts articles on the blog at regular intervals. Below you can find some snap-shots clicked by Deepa of some of the clothing materials that have been procured for designing dresses for the store.

Aren't they pretty?

Materials for dresses for the exclusive EastGrad Fashion Store.

Very soon we will have something more to show to you guys. But till then sayonara!

And yes, keep the congratulations flowing! On a more frank note, do you guys really think we can pull this thing off?

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Another Photogenic Birthday

Once again we celebrate someone’s birthday. Someone who has contributed handsomely to this blog. It’s the birthday of one of a cute, decent and a very polite guy I have ever met. And among all of his qualities, he has the special one of making people fall in love with his beautiful clicks.

Here are some of the amazing daily cialis from canada pictures that he has contributed to our blog.




So this is cialis coupon target Satyam, the birthday boy! Isn’t he cute? Let’s wish him a viagra online canadian pharmacy very Happy Birthday!

Thank you Satyam best prices cialis for making our work flow more easier, effective and efficient. And to all my readers, you can view his facebook page “Raisoull Rai Photography” here, and please don’t forget to wish him, and I as usual will buy generic cialis europe be waiting for your comments below.
Have a good day :)

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