Fashion Interview: Anupriya DG from Howrah Bridge

Anupriya DG is the youthful entrepreneurial mind behind the quirky fashion label Howrah Bridge, based out of Kolkata. She explores various fashion styles, trends, products and places and keeps us updated about the same in her enlightening fashion and lifestyle blog Chappals Vs Stilletoes. So without wasting any time lets read about Kolkata’s upcoming fashion designer & proprietor- Anupriya DG. You may refer her as DG like I do, easy to remember and simple to pronounce :)

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? About your family, your hometown and your childhood?

A – I was born & brought up in our very own City of Joy Kolkata. Since my dad used to stay away from home due to work commitments throughout most of my childhood, I grew very close to my mom. When I was 10 years of age, my life changed with the advent of my baby sister and of course, after that, I couldn’t think of life without her.
Kolkata’s sights & sounds are embedded deep in my soul and I can’t imagine having to grow up anywhere else! The good ol’ days used to be so lovely – what with zero addiction to technology, impromptu-only-to-be-played-outdoor games, favourite now-extinct candies & innocent friendships. *sigh* Those were the days!

2. You run an amazing brand- Howrah Bridge. How did you get introduced to the idea of starting up your own brand?

EastGrad Fashion FAshion Interview_ Howrah Bridge (4)
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Being Dressy: Soft layer and Blue Dress

The extreme summer heat can make you think of nothing other than being dressy, and that’s the sole reason why I came up with this post though these photos were taken in the month of February.

What more do you want when you have a dress that flaunts for you. All you need is, to bump into this look and go out for a Saturday stroll or a midweek outing. To grab this look, get a soft layer (for a chilly day), pair of heels, statement jewellery and a dress of course.
EastGrad Fashion_ Being Dressy: Soft layer and Blue Skater Dress
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Inspired: Wild Side with Animal Prints

Whats is there not to love about animal prints? It doesn’t matter if you are going to office or going out on a dinner date, animal prints fits in everywhere. And the fact that animal prints are so much in trend and haven’t faded since it came up has inspired me to do this post, even though the glimpse of this outfit I am wearing here has been shared with you earlier.

EastGrad Fashion Inspired: Wild Side with Animal Prints

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DIY: Breathe new life into your pumps

Are you bored of wearing your old pair of heels? If so, lets trick out old boring shoes and give them a studds and glue make over. Moreover, if you have a shoe fetish, then you would for sure spend extravagantly on these assets. So don’t you think it would be unfair to just discard them for a minor flaw?

EastGrad Fashion DIY Breathe new life into your pumps
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Outfit Parings- Capes and Kimonos

Are you getting tanned? How many different sunscreens did you try this summer? Started with SPF 20? No bunk it! It doesn’t work. SPF 30 is better but doesn’t really pays

off well.
A shortcut way to prevent sunburn and an instant way to look chic is to put on cover ups. Capes and kimonos are too perfect for layering over your favorite tank tops and beach wear. These layering garments not only protect you from sunburn, it also serves as a cover for the extra weight on the arms and the doughnut right above your waist.
These cover ups are a great alternative to summer cardigans making it so perfect for unsure weather and an exciting adventure.
EastGrad Fashion-Words or wisdom: The supper heroes of the Season: Cape and Kimonos
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