Fashion for the “little larger”

In spite of being slightly on the heavier side, I never really found any reason to deny myself of fashion. I have always believed that fashionable does not necessarily have to equate with an hour-glass figure. All that really matters is the right cut and the perfect fit.

Well, last week I had my friend’s birthday party in Mayfair, Gangtok and we all were forced to attend the party in dresses.

The Ensemble

I decided to stick to the basics and wore this bright red dress. This dress

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was a result of impulsive shopping which I never regretted. I got this from Style Check, Gangtok. This beautiful hill station, in my opinion happens to be a huge fashion hub, at the most reasonable prices. The dress made my wallet light by just Rs.800.

Fashion Alert:

Since I have heavy arms, I stuck to three- quarter sleeves. I made sure the fall of the dress is such that it does not cling to the body. The length of the dress is moderately short, around two inches above the knees. I always believe in highlighting the best assets in your body. Keeping that in mind, I chose a pretty neckline. This dress has a lovely beaded work along its neckline which made it all the more appealing. The final touch is given with a pair of black stockings. It gives the dress a chic “black and red” essence.

Remember girls, if you have issues with your body and you

are not too willing to go for the classic “little black dress” try going for a bright color. Trust me, red works miracles. The color red usually takes eyes away from the body and to the dress. As for the fall of the dress, do not go for a balloon-cut or anything oversized. That generally makes you look larger than what you actually are.


Make sure you accessorize well. Nothing enhances a red dress more than a black embellished bag. For the jewellery, silver hoops look neat yet stylish and you could add a pendant around your neck.


As the old saying goes, “A girl with pretty shoes is always beautiful”. Last but not the least, a pair of sexy black stilettos completes the look. Here, I opted for a pair of snake-skin lookalike stilettos. These shoes belong to my friend who got them from Heels and Toes, Gangtok.

Always remember nothing can ever beat the beauty that lies in your confidence. So no matter how your body maybe, wear whatever your heart wants to and simply follow the mantra of confidence.


For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

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about us (draft)

This is some great writing. Loved “If her tips were downloadable I wouldn’t owe my boyfriends to her in the first place!”.

But write it in 3rd person, and not 1st. Looks more professional and legitimate. -Animesh

animesh da i tried to convert it in third person..but somehow it lost the feel as almost all the lines had to be altered. what to do?

Write it like a story. Give it a try.

chek and tell me wht modificatns are to be added

Hello! I am Monalisa Nandi and precisely speaking I am the author of a fashion blog. I’ll understand if people who know me well raise their eyebrows on reading this because my reaction ,after my friend Deepa Sharma came to me with the idea of starting a fashion blog, also included free viagra canadian pharmacy a shrill “WHAAAAT??” tailed by fits of laughter in addition to the dramatically animated eyebrows. Once silenced by her commanding glare, the first question that darted across was “Why would I do it?” followed immediately by a more confusing one “Why not?”.
Then began the whole sequence of brain activities commenced by a B.Tech trained mind-
Why would anybody read a fashion blog?
The answer literally giggled at my face as I pictured canadian pharmacy meds myself dialing Deepa’s number before every single date, college get together, party, girls’ day out, formal presentation or any other event where the proper ensemble could create a colossal transformation. If her tips were downloadable I wouldn’t owe my boyfriends to her in the first place!
Cleaning out the closet!
YES, people end up wasting there wardrobe space with clothes that look great

on their fictional avatars. (Just need to lose the tire around my waist and I’ll rock this dress!) Get real. You look great. Your clothes don’t!
Creativity and dedication: HIGH
Technical knowledge: NIL
So basically the blog had reduced to a theoretical concept with no hope of practical implementation like so many ground-breaking ideas I have had since childhood. To make it functional in the real world we needed someone who was already experienced in creating and running blogs. Programming, format specification, canadian pharmacy meds linking websites …. Just name it and the answer is Animesh Ray!
Trailing recent developments in the fashion loop and accessing invaluable information from websites, to update our fashion databank.
Identifying what people needed most. And that ranges from anything to everything- Tips for bridal dressing to teenagers shopping with a bust wallet.
Compressing the extensive knowledge, without compromising the important details, to write-ups consuming a few minutes of your busy day.
Intertwining Animesh’s knowledge, Deepa’s insight as a fashion adviser, my research skills and working as a team to clad people in garbs enhancing their individuality instead of blending them into a glitzy background.
Experiment seems feasible. So it’s worth a really good shot.

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Fashion Interview: Anupriya DG from Howrah Bridge

Anupriya DG is the youthful entrepreneurial mind behind the quirky fashion label Howrah Bridge, based out of Kolkata. She explores various fashion styles, trends, products and places and keeps us updated about the same in her enlightening fashion and lifestyle blog Chappals Vs Stilletoes. So without wasting any time lets read about Kolkata’s upcoming fashion designer & proprietor- Anupriya DG. You may refer her as DG like I do, easy to remember and simple to pronounce :)

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? About your family, your hometown and your childhood?

A – I was born & brought up in our very own City of Joy Kolkata. Since my dad used to stay away from home due to work commitments throughout most of my childhood, I grew very close to my mom. When I was 10 years of age, my life changed with the advent of my baby sister and of course, after that, I couldn’t think of life without her.
Kolkata’s sights & sounds are embedded deep in my soul and I can’t imagine having to grow up anywhere else! The good ol’ days used to be so lovely – what with zero addiction to technology, impromptu-only-to-be-played-outdoor games, favourite now-extinct candies & innocent friendships. *sigh* Those were the days!

2. You run an amazing brand- Howrah Bridge. How did you get introduced to the idea of starting up your own brand?

EastGrad Fashion FAshion Interview_ Howrah Bridge (4)
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Being Dressy: Soft layer and Blue Dress

The extreme summer heat can make you think of nothing other than being dressy, and that’s the sole reason why I came up with this post though these photos were taken in the month of February.

What more do you want when you have a dress that flaunts for you. All you need is, to bump into this look and go out for a Saturday stroll or a midweek outing. To grab this look, get a soft layer (for a chilly day), pair of heels, statement jewellery and a dress of course.
EastGrad Fashion_ Being Dressy: Soft layer and Blue Skater Dress
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Inspired: Wild Side with Animal Prints

Whats is there not to love about animal prints? It doesn’t matter if you are going to office or going out on a dinner date, animal prints fits in everywhere. And the fact that animal prints are so much in trend and haven’t faded since it came up has inspired me to do this post, even though the glimpse of this outfit I am wearing here has been shared with you earlier.

EastGrad Fashion Inspired: Wild Side with Animal Prints

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