Summer fashion- Not a beach day?

Summers without beaches, shorts, flip flops, ice tea and bikini babes is what most of us get (thanks to our tight packed schedule). Lucky are the men who can shamelessly abandon all sensibility and roam around with minimum clothing without getting stern glances from their bosses. The rest of the brotherhood can save their surfing shorts for the weekends and read on for tips on summer fashion for men.

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1. Shirts:

Let the cotton fabric stretch over your biceps making you irresistibly hot while you stay female viagra vs female cialis cool. Choose from a juxtaposition of colors to give the ladies a soothing vision. Pick your prints to add personality to your ensemble.

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Saying yes to patterns also includes drawing a line long enough to exclude flashy florals , polka dots and garbs of the same kind.

2. Pants:

Although shorts are the official summer wear, you online viagra still have to resort to long at times. Fabrics like cotton and khakis do what they do best-look amazing and serve the purpose.


The season’s biggest disaster in summer fashion comes in the form of a billowy board pants. It dips way below the knee, and in the worst cases is so shapeless the lines merge into a mono-legged swimming skirt. Never think about buying them.

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3. Watches:

Merging function and fashion a finely made watch is perhaps the only accessory a man will ever truly need. A small collection of men’s watches to your summer wardrobe dose of cialis lets you match your timepiece to your mode of dress, lifestyle and personality–all while still keeping your girlfriend’s deadline. cialis for daily use pfizer viagra coupon

4. Belts:

Follow the rule of thumb while picking your belts- and I mean literally.
If the belt is about as wide as your thumb, it’s a formal belt. Anything wider means it’s casual. If you’re not quite sure, you should also know that formal belts usually sport a glossy, reflective finish, while casual belts are more often found in flat, muted shades and textures. So pick your belts tactfully to enhance your summer look.

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5. Shoes:

For the ultimate relaxed look, slip on these sneakers and converse can take viagra with high blood pressure and you’re all set for the day.


Summer flip flops and thong shoes are tempting during those hot summer days. But while you’re planning to wear them make sure they completely go with your attire, mood and occasion.

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