My Hair Clip Collection Part II

This post is a continuation of My hair clip collection Part I. A post on a hair slide that catches the sight with an elegant look.

What could be a more perfect accessory to your all time favorite dress? Be girly and sport some lovely pins on your lovely hair. Ditch your old ribbons and put some beautiful bow barrette in your hair instead! Without the wrinkles and the hassle of tying your hair with your outdated rubber bands, use some treasured hair clips to add a glam to your outfit.

These are some of my treasured hair accessories from my vanity kit. I really don’t remember their price but I do remember that they are all from London (gifted to me by my sister). Hope you will enjoy going through them.

Hair clip with a bow:

Hair clip with a black bow

Hair clip with a black bow

Hair clip with a white bow

Hair clip with a white bow

I like big bows and I cannot hide the fact that they make my heart go pitter-patter. These bow knot pins are the perfect accessory for my hair, purse and lapel. A small jewel is attached to the centre of the hair bow and that adds glamour to its body . All ribbon ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying and the bow is attached to an alligator clip. It comes in a pack of two. I wear these bows to pin back my tresses or simply as embellishments.

Strawberry hair clip:

Pink Strawberries on my hair... I am like it! :)

Pink Strawberries on my hair… I am like it! :)

The spring strawberry hair clip is cute and very popular. My lovely pair of large strawberry pins is encrusted with ruby, Siam stones and crystal detailing. I team up this pair of clips with my cutest outfit for festival charm! It’s perfect for summer.

Havannah flower gem stone

hair clip:

Havannah flower gem stone hair clip

Havannah flower gemstone hair clip

Close-up of the Havannah flower gemstone hair clip

Close-up of the Havannah flower gemstone hair clip

A pair of sensational Havannah Flower clips with delicate gem stone in vintage style holds my hair in just the right position. You too can decorate your special hairdo with these glamorous diamanté clips and dance the night away. Magnified and intense, these distinct diamanté hair slides can instantly add some shine and elegance to your hair style.

Star hair clip:

Little Blue Star hair clip

Little Blue Star hair clip

Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder how tiny you are. This adorable hair clip is

unique which will add spunk to your style.

Did you like the collection? You will find more interesting hair clip collections on Johnny Loves Rosie. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Lots of love.

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  1. divya says:

    wow…quite a collection i must say

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