My First Few Days in Chennai

Exactly 13 days back I was getting ready to fly to Chennai. It was around 6:55 pm when we were on the verge of landing that I saw Chennai for the first time in the form of its

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excellent aerial night view. Its a huge and a sparkling city. For a moment I wondered whether this city had an end or not? Then came the pang. It’s really tough describing the first few days spent in Chennai. No proper home to live in, no good food and add to that the horrible weather. Can’t believe that I belong to a place where the temperature never goes above 34 degrees and right now I am living in a place where the temperature never falls below 34 degrees and people speak in none of the languages I know.

After searching for so many PGs and flats, I along with my 5 friends landed in one of the most

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happening though calm and quiet apartment complex. The best part about this place is that we get a extremely beautiful sea and a beach view from our rooms plus we can enjoy the sea breeze 24*7. We wait for almost every evening to visit the swimming pool and the gym. In short all I want to say is, I am loving my stay in this apartment.

Last Sunday four of us went to explore some streets of southern Chennai. People stare at you to the extremes if you are in jeans and a summer top. And all we do these days is cover the whole face with a scarf and wear full sleeve salwar-kameez. It benefits us in both ways; we get protection from the sun as well as from the dreadful stare.

The people here follow strange traffic rules. We can’t even walk freely on the pavement cause people ride their bikes, cycles and auto rickshaws there. Its scary crossing the roads as the cabs on the road behave as if they will get a gold medal on reaching the destination first.

This Sunday we went to the the Besan Nagar beach in the afternoon and the weather there was superb. We also had loads of sea food and clicked quite a few photos on the beach.

All that remains to be seen now is for how many days I stay here, and how this great city treats me. I hope the answers to these two questions are ‘short’ and ‘sweet’!

My First Few Days In Chennai: Enjoying Besan Nagar BeachMy First Few Days In Chennai: Enjoying Besan Nagar BeachMy First Few Days In Chennai: Enjoying Besan Nagar BeachMy First Few Days In Chennai: Enjoying Besan Nagar Beach

What I wore…??
Top: Reebok
Bottom Wear: Lee
Bag: Nike
Shoes: Converse

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