My College Memories…

Be warned that this article is not on fashion and fashion tips. It is dedicated to all my college friends.

There is nothing more lyrical in life than college days. It’s a time of self-discovery, learning, making friends, planning for the future, and most definitely having fun. Yesterday I received my provisional degree certificate and the cold hard realisation hit cialis 10 mg me that I am no more a college student. Going through my old albums that were clicked during the four year course of engineering brought back so many old memories – the good, the bad and the ugly too.

I still remember those crazy late night birthday parties, eating aludam mixed with Wai Wai, Tekla’s and Dipika’s home-made cakes,

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Lamu’s rib-tickling decorations on the wall, Aparna’s and Megan’s creative writings and drawings on card, Rinchen’s cutting of wraping papers to throw them on birthday girl, Dikki clicking pictures, Dezu washing dishes and Anusha, Sapna and Priya cooking Maggi and tea.

Of all the above how can I forget thousands of all-nighters which we used buy generic cialis online to pull off, to get our assignments finished on time, the exchange of notes during sessionals and semesters and the last moment preparations.

Outing with my very close friend....

On an outing with a very close friend of mine.

Grand dinner together

Grand dinner together.

Lab time masti

Lab time fun!

Mallroading in the evening

Mall roading in the evening. Notice the Converse?

Late night birthday parties in the hostel

Late night birthday parties in the hostel.

After the grand departmental fest and feast
Class picnic on a beach

Class picnic on the banks of Teesta.

Outings on weekends

Dressed up for a weekend outing.

Gathering on late night departmental fest

Gathering on late night departmental fest.

Class picnic
After the grand dinner

After the grand dinner.

Bunking the very first class and running towards the coffee shop after every second period, eating muffins and local chips and entering the class 15 minutes late if the teacher seems to be lenient was a part of our daily lives back then. The half a million low resolution cell phone videos we made and the crazy pictures we took when professors didn’t turn up on time. Those days were truly amazing.

Those sweet and innocent

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crushes upon seniors and being followed by juniors for the same was the best part of the everyday routine. Going for luncheons in thukpa point especially during the last week of every month was fun too, especially considering the fact that it was the cheapest among all the other restaurants in the area.

And yes, the departmental fests, feasts and the DJ sessions can never be forgotten. We tripped the light fantastic. Ah! And the class picnic… We never missed a single cialis 100mg forum beat on the beach. All these will be cherished throughout my life.

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  1. Apurv Gupta says:

    really by seeing d delightful comments of rollbacking d col life,tht ws beyond imagination,each & evrything is shared with fuill flashed tht ws d meaning of leading d col life……………………..,really tht ws a gr8…………….

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