Mouth Care : Homemade Remedies

1. Mouth wash mania:

TEST- If people aren’t really thrilled at the idea of having you too close to them, either you forgot your deodorant or you have bad breath.


Rinsing the mouth with a paste of mint, or chewing parsley or basil leaves can improve breath.

2. Say cheese:

TEST- If you have skillfully mastered the art of smiling without a single tooth on display after years of practice, then you are subconsciously aware that your teeth don’t really flatter your face.


Eating hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables (Apples, carrots) is good for the teeth.

For discolored teeth use salt mixed with lime or lemon juice to brush the teeth.

To ease toothache, apply a couple of drops of cinnamon or clove oil to the base of the aching tooth

3. Sore gums:

TEST- If you have bleeding or sore gums every other day then its time you stop neglecting the symptoms and start working on them.


Massage the gums daily with a mixture of salt, black pepper and sesame oil.

Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, Amla, lemon and lime), guavas or pomegranates should be included in the diet to ensure healthy gums as these fruits contain large quantities of vitamin C.

4. Pink pout:

TEST- You go berserk if your lip balm goes missing. What if your lips always feel dry and you are allergic to cosmetic lip balms and petroleum jelly? It means it’s time for a kitchen trip.


Applying milk on the lips everyday, serves as a permanent solution to your dry lip problem.

For making the lips pink, apply beetroot juice on it. You can use it before going to the bed every night.

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