Monday, May 29, 2006 in Liberation Saturday, May 27, we can read a good article by J.

Monday, May 29, 2006 in Liberation Saturday, May 27, we can read a good article by J. Gros on the socialist project about school. It evokes the difficulty of this party to bring a project and prudence if not more (it evokes, of course, fear of "Allegre syndrome") to evoke tracks such as "work differently" The article also deplores lack of educational movements that have not been consulted by the Socialist party. Perhaps, that absence does to do with the strong media influence of some authors who have built their reputation on lamentation and stigmatization of teachers. These are qualified according to sources, the "Khmer Rouge" and "collaborators" or "Diafoirus IUFM. Nothing much … The last phrase is used in Liberation by Peter Marcelle looks at the controversy that began last week around the use of the autobiography of Herve Vilard by some teachers of French as part of a work themqtique autobiography. This earned him seem a letter and some fairly virulent spades on some blogs. . In Le Figaro, on Saturday, we are interested in parents becoming more litigious in school. chemistry homework answers
The newspaper notes that in recent years, parents (including the Peep, which were in the end Congress last week) noted an increase in recourse to disciplinary councils with almost systematic exclusion. The passages before the disciplinary councils to verbal and physical violence are also rising as are attendance problems. That’s all for today… ! to quote the late Claude Pieplu in the immortal Shadocks … Good Reading … ———————————- ———— Liberation 28/05/06 text Explanation Pierre MARCELLE Obviously, I suspected that doubt (here, Friday) the merits of the study in high school Soul of the autobiographical single Herve Vilard, I exposed myself to the reactivity of thing. And I conceived that do not draw a burning pyre to teaching of John Paul Brighelli (the devil, certainly) debonderait the thing. This fact did not fail: This column will thus destabilized some readers of few left with such, with an equivalent effect to that of my opponents very ordinary right, pours a copy here and there ire. After the anathemas, I still hold that a language is learned grammar and style that identifies a literary ambition better than the sobbing violin good feelings. Yes, that demagogic reasons of "proximity" which are both cases Diafoirus IUFM, and that was to tell a young Agatha that "it is easier to identify with Herve Vilard that Montaigne because he is closer to us, "distresses me. [...] If Vilard episode is anecdotal, it conceals and prepares renouncing Montaigne in schools of the Republic, except in its sanctuaries, is not. Read more of the article On minefield, a rather vague invitation to teach differently (Release of May 27, 2006) A twenty lines, at most, summarized the pre-project of the Socialist Party in education. The "general" disconcerting for many teachers: the PS has he not produced some Ministers of Education, invested with a real knowledge of the sector? For the unions, the fear of waking the "Allegre syndrome" (breach of trust, punishment at the polls) would have paralyzed the drafters. A point yet noteworthy. It is an invitation (rather vague) to "work differently", which is aimed primarily at teachers PTA. Disillusioned by the education reform in progress, the teachers are they are ready? [...] For teachers and their unions, it is especially "urgent" to find "an ambition for the school, for the success of all students". An ambition that the right would have buried with the common base of knowledge and learning for 14 years. Teachers expect "a real project left alternative, mobilizing" says Philippe Meirieu. But the PS seems to ignore the contributions of teachers, which no movement has so far been invited to discuss. As if they were little more than audible PS UMP. "Yet it would be useful to build on this election, to hear exciting proposals," insists Meirieu. There is still work to do. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 28/05/06 Parents of increasingly litigious Drug students, violence, truancy: the number of disciplinary boards explodes. But families often reject school authority. Read more of the article Puni college, Maxime, thirteen, ended his life According to his parents, there was no indication the teen’s gesture of 13. Like him, a thousand young people kill themselves each year in France Read more of the article —————————— ————- Humanity of 26/05/06 (a day late) by parents, threatened elsewhere Within a month, the prefects will again deport parents students and school youth. Reportage in a school in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Read more of the article We take them under our protection! The mobilisations around school children of undocumented families multiply before the deadline of the end of the school year. The Education Without Borders Network made the call (excerpts). Read more of the article "They grew up here, they are here" Interview with one of the national leaders of the Education Without Borders Network, Jean-Michel Delabre. Read more of the article Many elected defy the laws Organizing sponsorships parents or undocumented youth, elected officials become the institutional relay political associations and organizations. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 28/05/06 (paid) 100 course successful After the riots of November in sensitive neighborhoods, our newspaper published every day from young people from disadvantaged areas and who managed their lives. Hats off to all these "unknown" that give us fishing. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 28/05/06 ——————————– —————- 20 minutes from 28/05/06 Nothing seen … ——————— —————————- West of France … 28/05/06 Nothing seen ——– —————————————– Le Monde 29/05/06 strike end in frustration at the college’s Republic of Bobigny It is without enthusiasm that teachers college Republic of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) have resumed classes, Monday, May 29, after four weeks of strike. At the origin of this mobilization, concerns over the implementation of the device "Ambition success" in their establishment. Despite its ranking in priority education 1 (EP1), the highest level Robien plan for priority education, strikers complained of a failure and inadequacy of means to the needs of their college, one of the largest department with 970 students. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur Standing Sarkozy 28/05/06 incites "voluntary return" Nicolas Sarkozy has instructed the prefects to encourage illegal immigrants whose children are enrolled in a voluntary return at the end of the school year. Read more of the article —————————————- Express daily 28/05/06 Nothing seen … ————————————– ——————— selected in dispatches of 28/05/06 "Marie Antoinette" received the award for Education the Price of Education was presented Sunday at "Marie Antoinette" film of the American director Sofia Coppola, by a jury of ten members of the educational and professional community, chaired by writer and director Frederic Mitterrand. Read more of the article Pupils undocumented: nearly 30,000 petition signatures RESF A petition launched by the Education Without Borders Network calling for support and protect undocumented students collected nearly 30,000 signatures in total, said Friday Richard Moyon, one of the spokesmen of RESF. Read more of the article Anne Kerkhove, new national president of the Peep Anne Kerkhove was elected national president Friday students Parents of public education (Peep), the second federation of parents, after three years of mandate Josette Daniel, who did not renew his candidacy, announced Peep at its congress in Le Mans. Read more of the article Congress Peep: less penalties and mediation for children Parents of students in Peep, who hold their 87th congress in Le Mans until Friday night, claimed at a round table the "discipline and punishment" more "mediation" with regard to troubled children in primary and secondary schools. Read more of the article The school violence, a major concern of parents according to Peep Violence in school appears as a major concern of parents (70%), according to a study conducted and unveiled by parents of students in public education (Peep) at the opening of their 87th conference held Friday in Le Mans. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Monday, May 29, 2006

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