Casuals boasting Confidence

The past few weeks felt like a movie being fast forwarded inside my head- right after project presentation I had to pack my luggage and come to Kolkata for my training. One hectic week in the office followed by a lazy weekend, and I must say I am getting used to my new life. Let’s see what we have in store here. I have picked this casual outfit because of two reasons:

1. I am tired of seeing guys in my office dressed in formal shirts and pants.

2. I like men who can flaunt colours with style and sophistication. It’s practically a cooling therapy for my eyes.

I like men in black but not all the time. It just shows you are not really sure about what looks good on you and are too busy playing safe.

Casual wear for men

Casual wear for men

1. Shirt:

Just try and include a few colours. If you aren’t comfortable

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wearing solid coloured shirts, you can go for checked shirts. Just make sure you don’t wear those shirts with tiny multi-coloured squares all over it or the ones that look like school shirts.


You can keep a few points in mind while you are styling up a shirt:

a) Never wear a casual shirt as a part of your formal attire. Interchanging their roles will only make you look messy and sloppy.

b) You don’t need to button up a cool looking shirt and make yourself look all geeky. Leave a few buttons loose and roll up the sleeves to give yourself a laid back look.

c) You can even wear it loose over a t-shirt. Just make sure the colours are contrasting and not of almost identical shades. Leave the colour matching to girls. Only they can get away with silly colour combinations. Thanks to the life-saving classification branded “cute”.

Casual Wear

Casual Wear

2. Jeans:

Stick to the basic shades and cuts if you aren’t a fashion freak dying to experiment with your bottom wear. I personally prefer blue over anything else when it comes to men in jeans. For ladies I suggest black because they have an instant slimming effect and work wonders in smoothing out those unwanted curves.

Do keep styling with some of these outfits and share your views by leaving your comments below.

Photographed By: Pramit Chakraborty

Model: Kushagra Kumar

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