J’adore: A perfume from the House of Dior

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as hard as I might all that is coming into my mind now is grabbing a blanket and going off to sleep. But I don’t want to do that now because I have an interesting thing to show you guys!

Remember my sister’s visit to Kolkata? Did I tell you about all the beautiful gifts that she got for me? So allow me to show you one of the prettiest gifts she got for me.

It’s a J’adore, a perfume from the house of Dior. It smells truly awesome/fabulous/amazing. I actually don’t know what words to use to describe this beautiful thing. All I know is that it is really great!

As Dior puts it, J’adore is a rich and generous bouquet of flowers including the exotic Ylang-Ylang, Damask Rose and the Sambac Jasmine .The top note of this perfume is Ylang-Ylang which is mainly grown in Comores archipelago. Ylang-Ylang blends well with a variety of floral notes, bringing elegance, volume and originality. The heart note of J’adore is the Damask Rose. The base note is Sambac Jasmine, the symbol of soft femininity.

If you want to know what top note, heart note and base note are then have a look at the following lines.

The top note is the first olfactory impression and the most intense. The heart note is the fragrance’s core and lasts for several hours. The base note lasts the longest and can be perceived in clothing for several months.

J'adore: A perfume from the House of Dior

J'adore: A perfume from the House of Dior

J'adore: A perfume from the House of Dior: Opening up

J'adore: A perfume from the House of Dior: Looking like Royalty!

Isn’t it beautiful? Its been more than a month that I received this gift but I still haven’t used it once :P. Seems I still haven’t got the right occasion to wear it. I will definitely tell you when I inaugurate this perfume and of course the occasion too. Hopefully I guess it will be a special one.. :P

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2 Responses to J’adore: A perfume from the House of Dior

  1. Denise says:

    I love this perfume, I have it and I am very pleased with it! Only that I bought with a case together with body lotion, and yours came in a much more beautiful case! It’s so cute! Really lovely! Congratulations! I hope you soon have a great occasion to wear it!

  2. Mira says:

    Wow Deepa I wish my sisters would give me such amazing gifts. It looks so pretty and I love the smell too. I would have used it a hundred times by now. Right occasion or not :D
    Not sure if I should tell you this but the shoes are not very comfy and it’s hard to walk in them. I have worn my pair just once for the photos. Maybe you’ll like some of our future giveaways too. Next one starts on Monday. Have a great weekend!!!

    xx Mira

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