Words of Wisdom: Home made remedies to de-tan your skin

Hello everyone, how have you been doing?  Briefing you about this post, this is all about the basic, and the easiest DIY way to de-tan through a home-made product.

First of all allow me to ask you something. Have you gotten tanned due to that the extreme summer heat? And if the answer for this question is no (hard to believe :p), then this post is not for you.

You won’t believe my hand and feet colour has changed completely and because of this, one funny incident happened last weekend. I was looking for a foundation in SS for my face. I was trying various samples on my hand because I didn’t want to try them directly on my face. And just the moment later one lady standing by side made me realize that my hand and face colour don’t match. Isn’t this so :(?

And now, all I need to do is work hard (no work very hard) and regain my original

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skin colour because “I was born with lighter and clearer skin” :D

A paste of turmeric powder, lime juice and honey is all you need.  Turmeric powder and lime juice lightens your skin tone and honey moisturises your skin. I am starting with the basic home DIY product which is extremely cheap, easily available and easy to make. (You know how lazy I am!) I will surely update you about this DIY de-tan project because I am not sure how fast I will be able to regain my original skin colour.

Let me know if you have used this product before. Your comments are highly appreciated. Have a happy week ahead!

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5 Responses to Words of Wisdom: Home made remedies to de-tan your skin

  1. Mira says:

    Everyone here wants to get tanned :D. We are bathing in the sun to get darker. Funny right? Thanks for your kind words Deepa. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to see your new post. I love them all :D


  2. Great tip, Deepa! I just jumped into it as the scorching sun is freaking me out these days!

  3. AINA says:

    Hi Deepa

    Thanks for the tips, just one quick Question , the turmeric can we use the cooking one or the turmeric sticks?

    • Deepa Sharma says:

      Hi Aina,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Yes! The turmeric powder which you use for cooking can be used to de-tan your skin. No doubt the the paste you make out of turmeric sticks is more effective as compared to the turmeric powder :)

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