Hair Styling… Once upon a time.

Did you know that any great look consists of three basic elements; the perfect hair cut, the proper styling and styling products and the right makeup? They add charm and elegance to the person who flaunts these. And yes, hairstyles are just as important as accessories!

These photos were taken two years ago when we had a hair styling competition in our college. I was in second year at that time.  My senior (the stylist) had lots of fun playing with my long silky hair.  Can you believe how brilliant she was to make a bun out of my hair and decorate them as well in just 10 minutes?

Hair style

The "Hair-Style".

Hair stye- side view

The styling in progress.

Hair style- front view

A little blurry front view.

Styling my hair

The model me and my stylist!

Hair style- side view

Hair style - Side view

Hair style- front view

Hair style - Front view

The hair is tied at the back of the head in a bun and held in place with decorative hair pins exposing the nape of the neck and shoulders.  This hairstyle gives a very neat appearance.

This hairstyle is generally considered as a bridal hair makeup. Women attending marriage ceremonies usually prefer such a hairstyle. It adds some much needed glam to their traditional outfits.

Do you have anything to say about my hair style?

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