Gifts are always lovely

I can’t express how excited I am about this post. I just received a parcel from my sister who is currently in the UAE. Being employed in one of the world’s best airlines, she gets to visit almost each and every corner of the world. I know she is lucky, but so am I :-P. She visits the places and I get the gifts. Isn’t that lovely?

This time she picked up a pair of shoes, a bag and a sweater for me from Melbourne, Australia. I can’t take my eyes off them. I am simply in love with the colour and the design. She has such good taste!

I seriously wonder how she gets the correct size for me all the time even though all countries follow their own conventions. And my Mom on the other side doesn’t remember what size we wear :D (Mom, this still means we love you more than you do!).




Thank you Di for the

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lovely gifts. I love you so much!

And to all my readers, I will come up with the outfit post wearing them soon. Keep visiting the blog and keep commenting. Have a happy week.


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  1. debya says:

    Hi sweets…m so glad u liked them!!!nd u posted it???m sooo touched’-)))

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