FBR.Inc by Farheen Bushra Rahman

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2 Responses to FBR.Inc by Farheen Bushra Rahman

  1. debi c says:

    now this sounds like the kind of show i feel bad about missing out on..i like the pieces too..i may be wrong about some out there (i don’t know every kolkata designer) but most designers here i noticed shy away from drama on stage..the shoes are all flats or pointy heels,make-up is colourful..but no outlandish headgear or footwear or accessories to act as the vehicle for the clothes which are again safely wearable,no avant garde -ish influence..

    • You’re right. I feel the designers are concentrating too hard on making the apparels look wearable on stage. They are just playing it safe by not adding anything too quirky which might draw your attention away from the outfits.

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