Fashion Interview: Asta from Cactus and Cucumber

We have been thinking for some time now of doing something not strictly related to fashion, but at the same time equally interesting and somehow within the purview of fashion. And that’s when we came up with the idea of interviewing other fashion bloggers whom we follow and enjoy reading. So following up on that thought here’s our first of

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what will hopefully be a series of interviews with the best fashion bloggers of our day.

I have been following Cactus and Cucumbers for sometime now. The person behind the blog is Asta A. While originally from Nepal, she currently resides in the United States for the past few years. Without further ado, the interview:

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion

Can you tell us a little about yourself? About your family, your home town and your childhood?

I am a 20 something simple girl with a simple life. I am originally from South Asia and have been residing in States for a handful of years. My blog is a mix of fashion, beauty, food, healthy lifestyle and life as a general. I love nature, the mountains, rain, green tea and old movies.

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion How did you get introduced to the world of blogging? And what was the main motivation behind it?

When I took a break from working, I had lots of time in my hand. I surfed internet and discovered blogs. I found my new love. Before I started mine, I read so many blogs and magazine articles that were entertaining and informative at the same time. Information about nutrition, beauty products, dressing up to feel good, antioxidants and so many good topics really helped me. I wanted to share my knowledge and also keep track of how my style evolves throughout the time.

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion

What do you find the most challenging thing in blogging?

Updating Posts regularly can be a challenge sometimes. Reaching out to more readers can be hard as well. I don’t market my blog, so it solely runs on word of mouth. I am not much into numbers. I am a very laid back blogger.

Favourite designers?

I am not really into fashion brands. Like, when I buy a bag, I buy it if it suits my style and if I find it cute, and not because it has a designer label. My choice could be influenced by the current trends but not necessarily the brand name. I find that some brands are really overrated; after all they are luxury goods. I feel like lot of people jump on the designer products bandwagon. You do something because everybody’s doing it. Having said that, I would love to get my hands on a Christian Louboutin black stiletto and a Chanel quilted purse. They are classic and they never

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go out of style.

How do you keep coming up with material for your blog? What is the source of your inspiration?

My blog is my baby but I don’t stress about it. I post whenever I want, whatever I want. I am inspired by the fellow bloggers , magazines, tv and the people around me.

Morning person or night owl?

Definitely a night owl.

What are you favourite films for fashion inspiration?

60s romantic comedies in general. Classic! I can watch Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Charade’ over and over again. Her wardrobe in the movie is to die for, like any of her other movies.

Who takes all the lovely photographs on your site?

My better half.

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad FashionEveryone has a favourite post. Which is one is yours and why?

I can’t choose my babies. Cliché much!

If someone was interested in fashion blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

You don’t always have to be trend victim to look good. You can make your own trend. Be yourself!

Asta from Cactus and Cucumber for EastGrad Fashion

All the images used in this article are taken with permission from “Cactus and Cucumber”.

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