Enchanted by Elle

The all time most awaited Sunday had the most awaited event for all the lovely bloggers from Kolkata. And all we had to do was grace the Elle fashion store with our presence. Let me not complain about the weather in Kolkata this time because its getting even more worse. You can literally feel the heat radiating from your body and you are so tired that you won’t even feel like taking a wet tissue from your sling to wipe your sweat, cause you are so damn tired of doing that every second minute.

Shhhhh…. Let me stop here and tell you about the Elle fashion store visit. The scheduled date and time for the event was 28th of may, 11 am but me being the typical Indian I reached there around 11:30. Am I not stupid, I haven’t mentioned the exact location where the event was held. It was in the Elle Boutique, Forum Mall, Elgin Road, Kolkata. The moment I stepped inside the Elle Boutique, I was so much in love with (Wait!! I need my fingers to count.)
1. Soumi’s animal print jump suit. (She has promised to lend me that someday. Yay! :D)
2. DG’s neck piece.
3. Debi’s hairdo
4. And of course the lovely Elle collection kept for us.

It’s a place where you would love to come with your boyfriend, especially when it’s the very first week of the month. And of course that doesn’t mean you leave your lovelies away. They can always help you if you find difficulty in teaming up the outfits.

Have a look on their lovely collection.

Almost all their collections were really pretty. Wish I could grab everything from there and add some glamour to my sad wardrobe. In a blink of an eye, you will notice long maxi skirt to printed blazers, from half pants to clutches, from lovely heels to colourful jumpsuits, the list goes on and on and on…
And yes! We also got a cool Rs 500 Voucher which is valid till 10th of May. I will surely let you know about the purchase with that voucher.
Now I guess, I should let the pictures speak the rest.

 Pic c/o Debi

Me with DG. Thanks DG for making this happen. Pic c/o Debi

Pic c/o DG

Shreya and I. Pic c/o DG

Pic c/o DG

Me and Soumi. (Please check out her sexy jumsuit). Pic c/o Debi


Soumi and Shayoni.

Pic c/o Debi

Me in lovely Elle maxi dress and Elle sandles. Pic c/o Debi

Pic c/o DG

Shayanti, Shayon and I. Pic c/o DG

Pic c/o Debi

All Of us together. Pic c/o Debi

Pic c/o Debi

My First Elle paring. Pic c/o Debi

pic c/o Debi

My second Elle Paring. Pic c/o Debi

Pic c/o Debi

Expression worth Rs 500 :P. Pic c/o Debi

Let me not forget to thank Anupriya DG for the lovely invitation to such a place where I can just be me and most importantly where I can flip around the mirror wearing all the possible combinations I want. I can even have yummy cupcakes and refreshing coffee with all my pretty lovelies- -Soumi, Debi, DG, Shayoni, Sayantani around without any guilt.

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6 Responses to Enchanted by Elle

  1. debiparna says:

    loved it that day..had so much fun..i didn’t take the 4th pic btw deepa..

  2. Ritika says:

    You look so cute in each outfit! You have a very photogenic face.. Seems you enjoyed alot! Cool..

  3. You look so fantastic..Looks like you had fun!

  4. Mira says:

    Every single look is beautiful. My favorite the stunning maxi dress. Looks like it was made for you. Yes you should definitely borrow that amazing jumpsuit and don´t forget to post some pics of you wearing it. Looks like you had so much fun. Happy weekend to you Deepa :D
    xx Mira

  5. Kyra says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Right now, I‘ve got my FIRST WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY – it‘s a great gift and I think you might like it! Why don‘t you take a look and join it?! Love, Kyra

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