P.S. I Made This : DIY shoes

The other day I found myself looking for shoes online and I came across some really good ones with even better price tags. I knew I wasn’t going to purchase anything so I let my fingers run wild on google search. I typed in all the words- designer shoes, trendiest shoes 2012 etc. and moving from one site to the other I suddenly landed on a site called “P.S. I Made This”. That’s it! I spent the next few hours looking at their projects and believe me, they got me addicted. Let me share some of the random stuff I managed to download.

1. Fur fan:

Fur Bootie

Fur Bootiet

I like what they have done with the shoes especially with the fur attachment. You don’t even need to destroy the shoes. Just include the fur when you need to glam it up in winters and you’re good to go.

2. Dot it up:

Dotted pumps

Dotted pumps

If your shoes look too plain, then there is no easier way to add some colour to them by dotting them up with cool combinations.

3. Hello kitty:

Kitty loafer

Kitty loafer

Alright this one is a little crazy and probably not my thing but you never know what the trend tides bring along. So check this out if you are in a mood to make a statement with your uniquely daring style. Meowwww..

4. Beaded wedges:

Beaded wedge

Beaded wedge

I absolutely love this one. Sometimes you just feel the need of adding an instant pop to your feet and the shoe you bought isn’t doing the trick. If you aren’t a bling fan but need some subtle colours to add spice to your footwear, I say go for beads.

5. Add a bow:

Bow heel

Bow heel

If you’re new at this and aren’t sure that shoe decorating is your thing, then I suggest you launch it off with something small and cute like a bow. You cannot go wrong with something as simple as that.

Try them out and don’t forget to leave your comments and queries.For detailed and step by step instructions of many other interesting DIYs click here and take a quick tour.


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2 Responses to P.S. I Made This : DIY shoes

  1. Pooja says:

    Love this one…artsy guys could try this: take a plain white canvas shoe…the tennis shoes..and you could paint them using fabric paint…u could draw skulls or maybe your fav cartoon…makes a good statement