DIY Fashion Trends Living the Day

Bored of living your life by the book? Believe it or not dressing like someone else for a day, going to places you have never visited before and trying out a different dish from the menu can actually make you feel like a different person. Don’t think. With these mix and match fashion tips you can create a quirky outfit that you never had the guts to wear before and have some fun.

DIY clothing-Harem pants, off hand black top,jutties and accessories.

DIY clothing-Harem pants, off hand black top, jutties and accessories.

1. Top:

Look in to your wardrobe and pull out your vest. Anything acceptable in the fashion world will do, starting from a basic black one to a funky coloured bright one that you bought as a teenager. To keep things from getting too wild, take a long scarf and hang it loose around your neck. You can also try prints and bold colours if you’re up for some bold fashion.

2. Bottom wear:

Remember you are doing this to break the monotony. Since you are wearing a tight fitted vest, it is better to wear an unusual pant that you probably don’t go wearing on normal days, such as samurai pants, harem pants etc.


You might be feeling all keyed up about your fashion adventure day but that doesn’t mean you dump your common sense and wear eccentric colours top to bottom. Keep the top and bottom contrasting. If the top is too loud go easy with the bottom wear and vice-versa.

DIY fashion.

DIY fashion.

3. Add ons:

These little fashion wonders play a major role in styling this outfit. Less isn’t more in this case. Bring out all your chunky accessories that you picked because you simply loved them but never really had a chance to wear. This is your chance to let your hair down and wear them all.

Try on a statement necklace, chunky beaded or gem bracelets, anklets, armlets, embellished earrings and bold finger rings (Don’t just limit to one. Try a couple on each hand for a major impact!).

4. Shoes:

Letting your hair down and having fun for a day will surely involve a lot of on-foot activities. So wear shoes that lend a laid back effect and look absolutely cool. Go to the local markets and get the ones which come with flat soles and cover your toes and heels. These will keep you comfortable all day long.

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If your shoes are uncomfortable, it goes without saying that the whole day is going to be a total waste of time. The last thing you want is to go to office the next day with a sore heel or a broken toe nail painfully reminding you of the price you had to pay for a little weekend adventure.

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Photographed by: Pramit Chakraborty
Model: Tanya

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