Daily Wear for Men

If you’re the guy who just picks anything his hands can reach before he dashes out for the day then you might need to incorporate some of these items in your daily wear and learn to wear them the right way to make up for the extra morning hours in bed.

Check shirt folded till the elbow, jeans,a pair of shoes and an eyewear.

Check shirt folded till the elbow, jeans,a pair of shoes and an eyewear.


In case you woke up late and you have absolutely no time to get clad, put on a shirt instead of a t-shirt. It makes you look like you’ve devoted at least a few minutes getting dressed.

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To add a bonus point to your daily wear, pick shirts based on your skin tone and match it with your eye color when possible.

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Pale skin tone: Go for-light blue, brown, beige, off-white, bold blue. Avoid- red, pink, orange, yellow, purple

Medium skin tone: Go for- beige, burgundy, royal blue, navy, black, pink(stripes). Avoid- pistachio, mauve, dark brown, red, olive

Dark skin tone: Go for- white,

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khaki, baby blue, gray. Avoid- black, dark brown, turquoise, spring green, magenta


Keep shirts on your hanger after they have been washed and pressed instead of folding and stacking them up. Stacks are very hard to maintain anyway especially when you have the habit of pulling out clothes at the last moment. Your daily wear will be safe on hangers and that way you won’t have to iron them everyday before putting them on.

Wear dark shirts in case you are not sure when you last took them to the laundry. Light colored shirts look extremely messed up if they aren’t crisp and clean.

Blue check shirt folded till the elbow.

Blue check shirt folded till the elbow.


Jeans are your safest bet if you are in a hurry and have no time to press your pants. You need to keep your daily wear casual if you are pairing it up with your regular jeans. What you can do is leave a few buttons of your shirt loose or wear it with a white undershirt and leave it unbuttoned all the way down to give yourself a more laid back look.


If you’re teaming up your shirt with a pair of jeans make sure they don’t look too frayed. Avoid super baggy jeans, tattered jeans or funky acid washes. Stick to neat denims and keep it simple for a cool daily wear.

Blue check shirt, jeans a pair of shoes, bag and shades.

Blue check shirt, jeans a pair of shoes, bag and shades.


Since your overall look is inclined towards casual you don’t really need to fuss about your shoes. Wear your comfortable sneakers or your footwear in any good brand so that you don’t debase your daily wear.


Avoid flip flops as they drag down any daily wear by default. And do not wear funny looking hiking shoes unless you’re really going for one.


Need to camouflage dark circles or drained eyes resulting from late night party hangovers or sleep deprived work nights? Invest in a cool pair of shades and see for yourself how handy these can be.

Where to get this?

Check shirt, Jeans, backpack and pair of shoes.

Check shirt, Jeans, backpack and pair of shoes.

Get above items from
1) Shirt for men: Benetton, Puma, Denizen.
2) Jeans: Skullers, Inkfruit.
3) Shoes: Nike.
4) Bag: Wildcraft, Nike
5) Eye wear: Giorgio Armani.

Photographed By: Satyam Rai
Model: Phurba Tshering Sherpa

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2 Responses to Daily Wear for Men

  1. Bob says:

    Daily wear for men depends on the choices. Sometimes you have to wear dresses according to the situation. I think if you are going to the office you can wear a casual shirt that gives you a professional look. You can wear bright color dresses if you are moving for a night party. Cool tees are best if you are going out on vacation for fun.