Create Your Very Own Dress

There are countless times when I rummage crazily through my wardrobe looking for that perfect outfit for a date, most of which end up in frustration. And after all that hard work a voice in me finally wails out, “I have nothing to wear!” utterly ignoring my already overflowing closet. It was during one such occasion, when my so- called creative brain got struck with a brainwave, “Why not make something out of my already existing pieces of clothes?”

I started experimenting with different stuff in order to come up with something exquisite. It was not too long before I transformed a long wrap-around skirt into a perfectly elegant but chic dress. The best part about this tube-dress was that it did not spoil my skirt at all. So I could use the skirt anyhow I wanted. I experimented this again on my friend Naincy, as she modelled for me in “Wardrobe Wars 3.0”, a fashion fiesta for our college magazine.
Trust me this dress is extremely simple to assemble.


The Regal Belt!

The Ensemble:
Take a long wrap-around skirt and wrap it around like a towel, securing it with safety pins on the top hem. The skirt should be wrapped in such a manner that the skirt-belt can be tied at the back. The skirt-belt needs to be secured as well along its length, around the skirt with pins so that it does not ride up.


Of coffee mugs, beautiful dresses and ugly chairs.

Next, a broad belt with a jewelled buckle is used around the waist, slightly upwards to give the dress an empire-line cut.
These skirts usually come in Indian prints, so it’s advisable to team it with belts having a slight Indian touch to it, something similar to what Naincy is wearing. The colour of the belt should complement the dress. A contrasting colour works wonders. Here a white belt is used and it complements the dress perfectly.
The dress is ready and looks absolutely tailor-made.


She wants to take a swing!

Fashion Alert:
If you are a little on the heavier side and not too comfortable with baring your shoulders and arms, you could wear a dark coloured shrug-jacket.
Accessories form a very important part of any attire. This dress is accessorized with a copper coloured beaded neck-piece, along with copper bangles. The copper colour has been chosen keeping in mind the buckle of the belt. It has always been my belief that an ensemble works best when it is in sync with each other.
Finally, the look is completed with the perfect shoes. This beautiful pair of snake-skin stilettos goes perfectly with the dress.
This look is ideal for a date, or a lunch with friends. The Indo-Western essence of this dress makes it all the more appealing.

For the final touch- Keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish.

Model: Naincy Singh
Photographer: Abhishek Sinha

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4 Responses to Create Your Very Own Dress

  1. Naincy Singh says:

    Its lovely PD….. you really have made me a model………

  2. Krity Agarwal says:

    Awesomely created Pooja…

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