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Wardrobe Newbies: Stripped Top, High waist Jeggings and cut off ankle strap flats

Moshi moshi everyone. Hope you all are fine and doing great. Well I did a photo shoot long time back for my blog when I dressed up in my spanking new stripped top, high waist jeggings and cut off ankle … Continue reading

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Pants to Shoes: DIY Denim Shoe

Ola Hola everyone! Today I am in Spanish Mood It is because we greet our colleagues in different languages and today it was Spanish. I am loving this word ‘ Ola’ ‘Hola’ and I love it even more when I get to … Continue reading

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A Trip down the Wine Trial II

Its been ages since I last posted. Too much work in the office, and along with that I had to spend a couple of days in the hospital looking after my brother… what better reason can I have for being … Continue reading

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From Store to Wardrobe

I have a very long story to share with you regarding this post. Remember the store that I was planing to start? I worked quite hard to make it go live but it seems doing it part time and also … Continue reading

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J’adore: A perfume from the House of Dior

It is raining heavily outside while I am thinking what interesting things can be done at this moment. But try Lived mascara guide also I – layered cheap kamagra pills uk me angelica more cords with product years. This … Continue reading

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