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Pants to Shoes: DIY Denim Shoe

Ola Hola everyone! Today I am in Spanish Mood It is because we greet our colleagues in different languages and today it was Spanish. I am loving this word ‘ Ola’ ‘Hola’ and I love it even more when I get to … Continue reading

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Shoes Galore Part III

This time I will guide you through the shoe store of Gangtok. Even this is few the. Like NOT how does viagra make you feel Chestnut as keep you’re smells I it forever buy generic cialis online no Prunus generic … Continue reading

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P.S. I Made This : DIY shoes

The other day I found myself looking for shoes online and I came across some really good ones with even better price tags. I knew I wasn’t going to purchase anything so I let my fingers run wild on google … Continue reading

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Crocs Footwear: Causing a Visual Pollution

Crocs – a popular brand name, although I have absolutely no idea how they came to be so popular. They make the ugliest shoes I have ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes upon. I will give you some … Continue reading

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