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Fashion Interview: Anupriya DG from Howrah Bridge

Anupriya DG is the youthful entrepreneurial mind behind the quirky fashion label Howrah Bridge, based out of Kolkata. She explores various fashion styles, trends, products and places and keeps us updated about the same in her enlightening fashion and lifestyle … Continue reading

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Fashion Interview: Irene from Onto my Wardrobe

Hey guys, Its been some time that I haven’t published any fashion interview. So let me introduce one of the most beautiful fashion bloggers I know – Irene from Onto my Wardrobe. Here is the interview of 20 year old … Continue reading

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Fashion Interview: Nyt from BIG hair LOUD mouth

So after a long lull the interview section is all set to see some more activity. And breaking the lull is the pretty and ambitious blogger from “BIG hair LOUD mouth“, Nilu Yuleena Thapa, or as she is more popularly known … Continue reading

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Fashion Interview: Asta from Cactus and Cucumber

We have been thinking for some time now of doing something not strictly related to fashion, but at the same time equally interesting and somehow within the purview of fashion. And that’s when we came up with the idea of … Continue reading

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